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It doesn’t matter where you are, or what you do, what matters is you are able to keep your lines of communication open.

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I was never taught how to meet the right person or cultivate lasting love. meeting new people and relationships in general, we don’t always know what to do.

I’ve learned everything about dating through books, personal experiences and by writing about the subject for the last 7 years.Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Miss Solomon the creator of this website.Started in 2009, I launched as a way to share honest advice about dating.I am trying to find which icebreaker would be useful.... Let me try it out this Saturday and have post on it... I used it in a small group meeting and it was an instant hit.I actually played this game with someone Im dating and we had many laughs. I’ve been fighting these facts for so long, but I realized I needed to alter the way I viewed this modern culture in order to not give as many f*cks about the meetings and relationships that didn’t progress into something meaningful.I think it’s time we all hop on board with these harsh dating truths that we’ll undoubtedly encounter on our search for love if we want to be successful at it. Waiting for that chance meeting with the person you hope to pick bed linens with someday might never happen.They know it's a sign of controlling behavior and they stay away. Don't mistake your new boo's intense jealousy for cute feelings. Unless your ex physically or emotionally abused you, he is probably not truly the worst.It's a big warning sign that he's going to try to control you, or that he's going to make things difficult for you. Source: Shutter Stock I know your ex hurt you, and you want to blame everything on him. At one point, you liked him enough to date him, right?Being single and dating can be pretty tough sometimes.Not only are you trying to find someone you connect with, you’re also getting tons of advice thrown at you from every different angle – friends, movies, TV shows, magazines, websites, blogs, Facebook, family members.