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Wildebeest and janelle dating

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Its so surreal because obviously its just not my dancing that earns the love, it’s the environment me and Janelle have created and its incredibly awesome.RESPECT.: You guys have built a strong and amazing dance company. Janelle: I have always been the kind of person that enjoyed teamwork but I know Will and I are great on our own as well.She has a popular You Tube channel titled Miss Janelle G which has more than 230,000 subscribers.She also has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram. The duo (who are also dating IRL , we'll be keeping a close eye out for Episode 2 (and we hope it's coming soon! In the meantime, catch Episode 1 below: Catch the premiere of "SYTYCD" June 12 at 8 pm EST on Fox.With credits in Glee, The X Factor and Fired Up, she is an accomplished dancer who has worked with acclaimed choreographers Will Da Beast Adams and Dejan Tubic. She was already racking up television credits in as early as 1997.

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I will be going LIVE this Monday June 5th am PT , ET on my Instagram !!!!! I will be going LIVE this Monday June 5th am PT , ET on my Instagram !!!!! I will be going LIVE this Monday June 5th am PT , ET on my Instagram !!!!! Come train, fight, learn, engage, unleash your passion with us.

We give them training, mentorship, and that mom and dad environment.

We make our dancers feel comfortable and happy while still learning dance. RESPECT.: What was it like for the Willdabeast You Tube channel to reach 500 million views to date and more than 1.7 million subscribers? I don’t really think too hard about it because I am always thinking about what I could do next. When I hear someone else speak on the success it is a reflecting moment.

Wildebeest Games is the part time project of Mark Judd and friends.

With a particular emphasis on physics based gaming, team Wildebeest enjoys creating titles which we like to play ourselves and hopefully you will too.

Whether its their time choreographing for your favorite artist, bringing together dancers for their imma Beast dance company, or posting fun tutorials to You Tube, the dance power couple is now taking their career to the next level in Beijing, China.

Will and Janelle have been given the wonderful opportunity to be the head choreographers for the sixth installment of the ‘Step Up’ franchise, Step Up China. was able to catch up with the talented duo and learn more about their come up within the dance industry, the challenges they experience, and what we should expect from the new Step Up movie. RESPECT.: How has life changed for you two since the launch in 2013 of the imma Beast dance company? When you move to LA you’re on a road to a selfishness and a road to fulfilling your dream to become a professional dancer. Will and I have a new special priority and that’s making sure everyone feels that sense of family.

In late 2009, Adams chose to move to Los Angeles, California to continue to establish his career.

In 2010, he landed a job dancing on tour for rap artist T-Pain.

Come train, fight, learn, engage, unleash your passion with us. - My #WCW goes to my ABSOLUTE INSPIRATION @violadavis . She inspires me with her connection to pretty much EVERYTHING.

Her acting makes me want to be the best performer and dedicated artist in the world.