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I didn't know if we would ever talk or nothing like that and he said he had been looking at me for a while," Michelle added.

You Tube While chatting with Necole Bitchie recently, K. She said in the past that he tried to get at her (and offered to buy her some shoes…), but in this interview with Necole (who revealed that she also dated the former NFL player long ago), the singer said that she didn’t date him because not only was he not inspiring her, but she felt that he had some healing he needed to go through from all his past drama. But between that, I was not screwing him with that penis.

This picture isn’t quite as risque as the first booty shot back in March but there is still a lot of booty to love. See Me Mp Hi Tz and K Michelle not only dated but he was her manager.

K Michelle, as she is known in the hip-hop world, is a singer and one of the fine ladies on VH1’s “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta”. The show has also earned her a multimillion dollar lawsuit from Me Mp Hi Tz.

For JR Smith, a win in New York, his former team is good but a probable date with Miley Cyrus could even be better.

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Smith’s girlfriend Tahiry Jose’s backside made an appearance on his Twitter feed. So much booty that someone from the Knicks or maybe even K Michelle herself got J. That relationship ended and on the show K Michelle, while not naming who she was talking about, said her ex-lover and manager abused her.

She has always pushed the envelope since her rise to fame with topless magazine covers, wild fashion choices and accumulating a lengthy list of famous exes.

While she's definitely hob-nobbed with plenty of celebrities, it seems like her real type is jocks.

didn’t fully learn his lesson as we all got another booty shot in early December, this one of his new girlfriend Kimberly Michelle Pate. still hasn’t figured out that posting the picture is a bad idea he has learned to take the picture down shortly after posting it so we do have some baby steps with J. As we mentioned K Michelle is one of the stars on the hit VH1 show.

Her first album should drop sometime in the summer of 2013.

What received a tip that indicated that Williams is involved in a relationship with two women right now.

And while that in and of itself isn't particularly shocking or even newsworthy—it's not the first time anyone has heard about an NBA player dating more than one woman at the same time—what is kind of crazy is that both women allegedly know about each other and have agreed to an unorthodox relationship that involves all three of them going out in public and spending time together.

According to , the girls' names are Ashley Henderson and Rece Mitchell—or "Blonde" and "Brown," as Williams affectionately refers to them—and there are plenty of pictures of both girls with Williams on social media.

Here are a few photos of the girls that have appeared on Williams' Instagram in recent weeks and months: So why is the news about Williams' alleged dating status coming out now?

Like, ‘You’re cool but now is not the time for it,’ and that’s real.

His penis is so big Necole, I would not let him have sex with me.