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Later, the crowded courtroom watched the video of the former nurse confessing to Woodstock police last October, saying she had told others about some of her crimes more than three years earlier.

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In 2009, Barrino secured a recording contract with American rapper T. He has been featured on songs from several high-profile recording artists, including T. B's "5th Dimension" from The Adventures of Bobby Ray (2010) and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony's "Gone", from their reunion album Uni-5: The World's Enemy (2010).

The song, which was officially released as Barrino's debut single by North Carolina-based independent hip hop label Othaz Records, caught the attention of Grand Hustle co-founder Jason Geter and Atlantic records.

He is also the brother of American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino and nephew of The Barrino Brothers.

In 2006, he released his debut single "Bubble Gum".

Her uncles, The Barrino Brothers, were a 1970s R&B band and her brother is Grand Hustle recording artist Ricco Barrino.

best known by his stage name Ricco Barrino, is an American R&B recording artist and songwriter from High Point, North Carolina.

In 2006, he made an appearance on his sister Fantasia Barrino's second album, Fantasia, on the song "Bore Me (Yawn)". I., featured Barrino on a song titled "Porn Star", which was included on his multi-platinum sixth album Paper Trail.

In 2009, Barrino obtained his first chart placement, with the single "Futuristic Love (Elroy)", which Barrino appeared on alongside Grand Hustle newcomer Yung L. The single reached number 55 on US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

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Each year of BET Awards the best part of the big-budget production is the performance. The pause-worthy-ness of this sausage-fest of singing and rapping about meat just asks for it. RICCO BARRINO, "IN MY ZONE" All the funny metaphors for sex aside, at some point Ricco has to sing for real, like his sister Fantasia does.

Then when hit in '08, Ricco assisted Tip again with vocals on "Porn Star," the 9th track on his 6th album. Showdown, who was also cooked up the beat for the remix to "Rock Wit You," tapped Ricco to throw a low ball at ladies.

For about three years, Ricco has been a background player in the Grand Hustle camp, long enough for this strip club-curated track to be one of the last make it rain anthems, right before the recession dried things up. Naturally, the smooth talking R&B guy (Ricco Barriono) would get the W off of GP. RICCO BARRINO, "SAUSAGE" (REMIX) might have done more damage influencing Ricco, and fellow North Carolina fam, Showdown and the Fire Dept.

As expected in-demand artists put on some of their best live renditions on the big stage. Who was the brolic crooner that would step over the sincere words girls adore from the guy who stole their hearts the first time? He assumes the position of a conflicted R&B singer—grimacing through this emotionally-wrought song, knees to the floor—both signs of love right there.

Too bad the pre-show doesn't get prime-time re-runs even though it's improved giving TV time to rising talent, like B.o. Ricco is Grand Hustle's R&B prospect, also known as Fantasia's brother, and by the looks of his ten standout guest spots for T. B., and more, we believe after his last impression, he's on his way to being an American idol, sort of. Only thing missing is the signature handkerchief often used by heavier-set soul men. RICCO BARRINO, "YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS" Did someone forget to style Ricco Barrino? A.'s retro-fitted video is dressed in gear from the '90s (faux-hawks, colored denim, finger-waves) and Ricco is left out looking like Biff in the It's the R&B equivalent to D4L's "Laffy Taffy." Unlike Ricco's take on "Sausage," "Bubblegum" just has a better chance at commercial appeal because of it warrants "i-can't-believe-they-put-that-on-the-radio" response.

Hip Hop DX has also looked into the details of the story, which first appeared on the aptly titled “POS” website. POS claimed to have a quote from “homicide detective Todd Scott,” who spoke to “News.” Hip Hop DX reached out to the Atlanta police, who responded with an email that read: “We have not responded to any homicides over night or during the day today.” Police rep Kim Jones also added that there is no Todd Scott who works for the APD.

The site also claimed that the rapper had been pronounced dead at Grady Hospital. I.’s Grand Hustle label, and his “Ain’t I” single peaked at #47 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in March 2009.

It’s very unique, as it isn’t two words that you typically hear together. They don’t go together, but at the same time, they’re married.

At least for urban society, the American dream is to come up and buy a Ferrari.

Her home, also in Piper Glen, is unaffected., The Charlotte Observer, December 9, 2008.

The home was due to be auctioned in January 2009 by the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office after the company Broward Energy Partners, which had paid over ,000 of her taxes in 2006, said it had not been fully repaid.