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Who is gigi lai dating

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Here's the translation of her blog entry : I already knew Joey when she first entered the industry as a singer.

At that time, I thought that she was good and has lots of potential.

Still, they only speak kindly of one another and truly seemed head over heels when they were together until their breakup in May 2015.

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She laughed and said that she already explained that she does not want to reveal whether she is dating. The groom-to-be is Mr Ma, 52, a wealthy businessman who is 15 years older than her. [/b][url=" Asia[/url]The entertainment industry in Hong Kong has reported that Gigi Lai, 38, who recently left the industry to look after her brother who was injured in an accident, will be getting married on Feb 22 in Sydney, Australia.It was during these tough times when he told Gigi: "Stop working.I will look after you for life." Gigi was so touched by his remark that she decided to give up her career and marry Mr Ma, according to the report in my paper.News of her marriage has graced the front pages of local Chinese tabloids and the media has even labelled her as someone who hasalways been fond of older men.According to my paper, Gigi reportedly prefers dating men who are relatively older than her.In 2012, the then-relatively unknown Gigi Hadid took a handsome blonde fellow named Jackson to her prom. In December 2013, Hadid went public with Australian singer Cody Simpson after a lot of subtle sub-Instagram posts together.He looked fantastic on her arm, then eventually disappeared. The couple were together off and on for years, taking brief breaks when their schedules clashed.Jonas infamously dated Swift, and Swift won't let the world forget it.Even though they're friendly now, there are reams of songs written about their former relationship that have to be a bit awkward for Gigi to tune into, no matter how deep in Swift's squad she may be.