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Updating picasa 3

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As part of the transition to Google’s new photo hosting and sharing service, Google Photos, launched this May, users of Google’s older Picasa desktop software are now being prompted to upgrade to Google Photos Backup for saving their images to Google’s cloud storage.

The change could signal the beginning of a plan to migrate Picasa users over to the newer Google Photos web service.

Retiring means that the company won't support it in any way after Marc 15, 2016.

Picasa desktop What it does not mean however is that you cannot continue using the Picasa desktop application on your computer system to manage your photos and albums locally.

Picasa is an app that you install on your computer to let you edit and organise your photos and videos on Windows and Mac OS X computers- all while preserving your original media. Meanwhile, Picasa Web Albums is a website where you upload and share photos and videos, and you can see the same media in your Google Photos account.

You can read more about both services from Google's support page.

Those who do click “Get Google Photos Backup,” though, are redirected to the apps download page on the Google Photos website.

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There is also automatic tagging, auto-enhancing, and an animation creator, among other intelligent features.

In the release notes for the automatically downloaded update, Google says that the new version (3.9.140) of Picasa includes “Updates for Google Photos Release (details TBA).” Following the installation of this update, Picasa users are then prompted to download and install Google Photos Backup the next time they launch their Picasa desktop software.

Fortunately for those who still prefer the Picasa experience, the prompt can be dismissed for now by clicking on the “No Thanks” button, which allows you to continue to use Picasa as usual.

For Mac OS X 10.4 and later, Google also released an i Photo plugin and a standalone program for uploading photos.

On February 12, 2016, Google announced it was discontinuing support for Picasa Desktop and Web Albums, effective March 15, 2016, and focusing on the cloud-based Google Photos as its successor, as it is easier for Google to control your information this way.

You can read more about Google Photos via Pocket-lint's in-depth review or this official Help hub for Google Photos.

In a blog post, Google gave the following explanation:"Since the launch of Google Photos, we’ve had a lot of questions around what this means for the future of Picasa.

This app makes it easier to upload photos and videos stored on your computer, or from attached cameras and storage cards, into the Google Photos online service.

being replaced by a Google Photos desktop app, though it’s certainly arguable that the time has come for Google to finally put Picasa to rest.

It is unclear however how long this new platform will be kept alive, and likely that Google will terminate it eventually.

As far as the desktop program is concerned, it too will be retired by Google.