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Updating mean and variance estimates

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Are these univariate variances, or variance-covariance matrices?

updating mean and variance estimates-86

By the way, this can even arise when one is computing the simple sum of many numbers, and a classic solution in that case is Kahan summation.Note: this is an unusually long and abstract post whose primary purpose is to help a particular subset of our audience understand our style of reasoning.It does not contain substantive updates on our research and recommendations.Many possibilities exist but because of the incremental computation particular attention needs to be paid to numerical stability.If we were to ignore numerical accuracy we could use a simple derivation to show that the following updates for is very large.In an application, I deal will a large number of images from which I successively extract particular values to compute their means and variances.Because storing them all would mean storing Gigas, I'd like to store only things that would allow me to compute the global means and variances. Do you mean that you wish to update the mean and variance - that is, given a computed mean and variance on the first $t-1$ observations you want to compute them on $t$ observations?To ensure the availability of the Digital Library we can not allow these types of requests to continue.The restriction will be removed automatically once this activity stops. we would like to calculate simple statistics like the weighted mean or weighted variance of the sample without having to store all samples, and by processing them one-by-one.In this situation we can compute the mean and variance of a sample (and, more generally, any higher-order moments) using a streaming algorithm.