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Its a completely FREE service to Roscrea Credit Union members, provided by CUinsured.

CUinsured is set up as an independent Financial BROKERAGE utilising a state of the art system whereby it can shop around for the best value plans tailored to members individual circumstances.

The WAC site maintains workstations, work areas, telecommunications, and network connections necessary for operations.

Fiber-optic cables connect the WAC site to the hot site to provide for optimal bandwidth access.

However, Catalyst Corporate understands that events may occur that could result in temporary disruption of services and affect the ability to communicate with members by normal methods.

Timely communication regarding the nature and duration of a system or service disruption is very important in helping member credit unions minimize the impact on their operations.

Set up and manage direct deposit of your benefit payments from your online retirement account.

If you wish to keep your account restricted that is not a problem but please let Chuck know ASAP.

Its works within the family budget and all existing plans are taken into account, in any advice given.

Cuinsured has access to all the main providers of financial services and similar to your car or home insurance we can ensure members get the best deal in the marketplace.

Save Yourself A Lot Of Money With A FREE Financial Review Service At Roscrea Credit Union After 18 months of hard work, Roscrea Credit Union has formed a strategic alliance with CU Insured Ltd, one of Irelands leading and most innovative Insurance Intermediary companies, to provide its members with a FREE financial review and access to a comprehensive (whole) range of financial products and services.

Roscrea Credit Union is one of only eleven credit unions in the country given permission by the Central Bank, to date, to enter this arrangement.

We look forward to speaking with you, and will respond as soon as possible.

NCUA has recently provided its examiners with guidance on the updated list of compliance risk indicators that are part of NCUA’s Risk-focused Examination Program.

Contact us via e-mail at [email protected] use our social media pages like Facebook or Twitter .

Or just give us a call at 614-224-8890 OR 1-888-224-3108 .

When looking at your phone and you click on Safari for access you will see an icon on the bottom of screen (like you have two pages open) on the left it shows Private, if it is darkened and you are in private browsing mode, then you may have a problem.

It's a simple fix, just have the member try and see if that doesn't allow them access.