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But you should know that his amazing library of photos is not something reserved for his pals and acquaintances (and those that pester him, like me). Over time, as value is added to a neighborhood, natural market forces put pressure on properties to expand, redevelop and intensify.

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screw hard, laugh a lot and down 40s while playing video games.

These gals aren't glamazons, but they are flawed in ways that make them interesting.

Now I have a fantastic love life, but when I was younger, I watched a lot of porn, and I wanted to see more sex in TV shows. They weren't watered down to make them more straight. I wanted to create a show about lesbians, so I wrote a pilot.

It's about building relationships between characters. I know what's hot and what works, so I write that into the show. I write every episode, and I feel very connected to the characters.

I felt like an adolescent boy in the midst of a sudden and glorious sexual awakening. (And, incidentally, the reason I then thought the uber-femme Marilyn poster was so hot when I saw it for the first time a few weeks later.) Took a while to come to terms with, but thanks to said goddess, I think I’ve finally discovered a deep-seated attraction to femmes.

The Photoshopped poster that they sell on the Venice Boardwalk of Marilyn Monroe‘s face, mouth covered by a bandana, flawlessly placed atop the body of what could easily be a Suicide Girl, braless, and donning an of an exotic dancer at Scores in New Orleans who gave me the first (and only) lap dance of my life.

Tucky Williams is an award-winning actress best known for playing Evan in the web series Girl/Girl Scene, as well as the sexy zombie slayer Vix in the cult horror film Dead Moon Rising.I didn’t know if I would like it, but I found it to be tremendous fun. Cat Cora was cited for a DUI after she rear-ended someone a few weeks ago and her blood alcohol was twice the legal limit.My concern was that there is always the possibility that they would portray me in an unfavorable light. She was reportedly “fleeing from a fight with her partner.” Ruh-roh. Something about strangling someone backwards with the chain of her handcuffs while dangling off a balcony. Mila Kunis I was on that bandwagon After years of estrangement, she won me back in that film. What can I say, with Morgan and I, it’s just — there.3. So I thought, well, I'll be a meteorologist and that's sort of fulfilling that need to entertain. And then when I was in elementary school I had some classes.Like they let you study, but you didn't really learn anything.And I saw her audition and I was like, OK, that's how it's done. It was really hard to get the show cast because we were coming at people and saying, hey, we don't have anything to show you. Standing next to someone totally awesome and you're just like, uhhhh.So, I would say that everything I learned about acting, I learned from watching her. Will you be on this TV show where you play a gay person and you're going to work for free? And I thought, oh, I'll put it on You Tube and a few thousand people will watch it. Instead, it turned into this thing in its own right. So I played Evan and the character just came out, the voice just came out. That was fun because you'd walk the red carpet. In a Dinah Shore interview, you were hesitant to identify with the label butch that you were given. And I think what they really want to know is if I'm a top or bottom.Her statement today: I deeply regret my decision to drive that evening after my designated driver became unavailable.I learned a very important lesson from this experience and take full accountability for my actions. (MSNBC 9 p.m.)America’s Next Top Model “Highlights” (CW 9 p.m.) (rerun)Around the World in 80 Plates “Cry For Me Argentina” (Bravo 10 p.m.)The Real L Word (Showcase 10 p.m.) (rerun)Food Network Star “Deliciously Unpredictable Demos” (Food Network 11 p.m.)Watch What Happens: Live (Bravo 11 p.m.) – Guest: Cat Cora Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride (Showcase 11 p.m.)Iron Chef America “Cora vs.