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However, with so many brands on the market today, how do you choose which is the right one for you?

Whatever type of e-cigarette you are looking for, reliability is a key factor that you need to bear in mind, and while you may be tempted to purchase one of the cheaper brands, you may find that you are not only not getting poor value for money, but you may be putting yourself at risk of injury from explosions due to product defects.

For more information about our codes, please review Understanding DBPR Codes.

Board Profession Owner/Primary Name Series/Rank Class Modifier Mailing Street Address Mailing Address Line 2 Mailing Address Line 3 Mailing City Mailing State Mailing Zip Code Mailing County Code Business or DBA Name Location Street Address Location Address 2 Location Address 3 Location City Location State Location Zip Code Location County Code License Number License Primary Status Code License Secondary Status Code Original Issue Date Effective Date Expiration Date These license type codes may be found at: following professions are included in this file: 4001 - Wholesale Tobacco 4002 - Limited Permits 4003 - Permits 4004 - Common Carriers 4005 - Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturers / Distributors 4006 - Retail Alcoholic Beverages 4007 - Pool Buying (Alcoholic Beverages) 4008 - Brands (Alcoholic Beverages) 4011 - Brand Registrants 4012 - Retail Tobacco Permits 4013 - Liquor Salesperson 4014 - Bottle Clubs (License Status, Description, Long Description) 10 - Applicant - Application In Process 11 - Withdrew - Application Withdrawn 12 - Expired - Application Expired 13 - Deny Credential - Denied - Not Qualified 14 - Deny Discipline - Denied - Disciplined 18 - Exam Eligible - Eligible for Exam 19 - Exam Taken - Exam Taken 20 - Current - Current 21 - Temp Cert - Temporary Certificate 22 - Transfer Approv - Transfer Approved 30 - Probation - Current with Probation 31 - Obligations - Current with Obligations 32 - Conditional - Current Conditional 41 - Escrow - Escrow 42 - Suspended - Current Suspended 45 - Delinquent - Delinquent 46 - Vol.

Relinquish - Voluntary Relinquishment 47 - Relinquish - Discipline Relinquishment 60 - Null & Void Null and Void 60 NOTE - Can be reinstated 61 - Revoked - Revoked 62 - Rev w/o Prej-Tr.

For example, PM USA limits the volume of cigarettes sold in a single retail transaction to make it more difficult for purchasers who intend to illegally resell cigarettes in higher-tax states to acquire large volumes of cigarettes.

Trade partners who violate our programs or policies are subject to financial penalties and termination of program participation.

The illicit tobacco trade undermines public health initiatives and negatively affects others, including: Additionally, for Altria’s tobacco companies, the illicit tobacco trade undermines the investments they make in their brands and in the trade channels through which their products are distributed and sold.​Law-abiding wholesalers and retailers face unfair competition when illicit tobacco enters a market.

Our tobacco companies require wholesalers and retailers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations as well as the terms of their trade programs and policies.

For example, retailers are obligated to collect and remit applicable state and local excise taxes.

Our tobacco companies’ trade programs and policies create incentives to help maintain the integrity of tobacco trade channels.

License not allowed to be transferred, without removal of the flag by Auditing. Pending - Transfer Pending 35 NOTE - Stops other transfer transactions 37 - Pending Payment - Pending Payment 37 NOTE - Set by Bureau of Licensing.

video/webm,/Lists/ALCSInternet Asset Library/Media/Video Hub/smoke.webm;video/mp4,/Lists/ALCSInternet Asset Library/Media/Video Hub/smoke.mp4;video/ogg,/Lists/ALCSInternet Asset Library/Media/Video Hub/smoke.ogg;video/flv,/Lists/ALCSInternet Asset Library/Media/Video Hub/Each year adults spend billions of dollars buying tobacco products.