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he best source of information on Charles Goodall & Son can be found in Mike Goodall's Goodall: the family and the firm, 1820-1922 (Private publication, 2000).

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just remember the ones out there that gripe about men being harsh when it comes to them havin kids, us guys are going through the same thing!!! If you dont have any family or only fairweather friends than go! I sold everything that wouldnt fit in a truck, gave stuff away. well thank you for your words and for all you who wanted to see me i posted my picture so stop asking lol any way moving is not an option i own my home here and i love it here i can hunt in my back yard and fish right down the road and there are tons of miles of trails right outside my door if a women feels she will love me for who i am then she will find her way to me from wherever she may be but canada looks pretty good too hi bespeckledraven67 it wont let me email you because im not from canada but im close but if you want to email me thats fine but i dont think i can email you back sorry all the only picture i put up was the birth of my 4 year old son and one i found of me in shorts i have others of my babys now but im not going to post them but hopefully someone will answer my ad and at least meet me ive met two so far one was still on and off with her husband the other still lives with her boyfriend i guess i was not specific when i said single and no cheaters how else can i say it thanks all talk to you soon Hey lonelyfatherof2I can relate to what your going through.thank you all for your words but to answer your question i have no family left alive and as far as getting out its almost impossible without taking the kids i would love to go out one night but i think even if i met 20 women i would not know how to act or even talk to them the women in my area are not the most politeand the chances of finding one are real slim around here there is like 15 guys to every one women hereim sorry for this and im really trying to learn how to write and where all the little dohickys go but its a very slow proscess so please bear with me im trying they need a thing on here that does it for you lol j/k Have a yard sale, sell in the paper. Its a big beautifull world and there are some great people in it. I have a daughter that i have raised since she was a year old, and i sit back now and dont regret a minute of it.Yet, when she walks off with another guy who triggered her feelings of sexual attraction, he feels hurt and disappointed.

Watch this video to understand why it’s so important to be able to trigger a woman’s feelings of sexual attraction for you… Does the idea of going out and seeing all those “happy” couples make you cringe? The good news is that changing your relationship status is actually a lot easier than you think.Do you sometimes feel like you’re the only guy you know who doesn’t have a girlfriend, or as though you’re probably NEVER going to meet a beautiful woman and have a successful relationship? It all starts with you understand how to trigger a woman’s feelings of sexual attraction for you.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your im not good at writing these things but here goes im a single father of a boy 4 and a girl 2 as far as my ex being in our lives she sees them one day a week if were lucky she is too busy with her new boyfriend to care about us she cheated on me because she wanted a party man and im a family man i spend all my time taking care of my family instead of partying in a way im glad she is out of our lives she was not a very nice person and she slept with many men sience she left here but im not a bitter man ill just pick myself up brush myself off and slap myself a couple times and find someone who deserves all the love and passion i have for the right women but i dont think i will meet her on any dating website ive contacted many women on this site and only got two replies and still have not met anyone im a very passionate man i love my kids yes but there is also more to live than them i must think of my happiness also if im not happy there not happy my kids understand i must put time into a new relationship to be able to meet that special someone to show them i care enough about them too to show them love and to spend time with them but of course i cant get a women to even look at me because i have two kids i want a women who will let me rub her back as i kiss her softly all over after she had a hard day at work or rub her feet because they hurt a women who wants to be pampered as i would like to snuggle and cuddle while we watch tv not sit in diffrent chairs but alas there are no real women in my area who is interested well all this is just a thought for heremost may dissagree but im telling you in three months ive met no one and noone comes over never had time to make friends and i have no family so i have tons of time for the right women but just cant find her so good luck to you all i hope you find that special someone and yes im long winded i have no one to talk to but my kids god help me lol Just a bit of advice.... oh well I have been long winded for to to long so I'll shut up for now and give someone else a chance. Yeah it might sound a lil scary but the adventure of a new beginning can be the best thing to ever happen to you! The relationship I was just in came with a beautiful little girl and I have raised her as my own and still do she is still with me.In his mind, he is doing the right thing by being nice to women. There’s nothing wrong with being a good guy, having manners, being respectful towards women or even being a bit of a gentleman.After all, he has heard that women want a “nice” guy, so why aren’t they interested in him. However, women don’t care about any of those traits unless you make them feel sexually attracted to you first. Once a woman feels sexually attracted to you, she will then appreciate all the other nice things about you.I didn’t that well; I was just kind of quiet and avoiding eye contact when he said a few times upon meeting me. I was sort of caught off guard and impressed that the date from last weekend had made a reservation. I looked around the restaurant and saw better looking people I wished I was with instead. I think he did feel bad about it, but I’d also still been standing in the cold outside of a restaurant for 40 minutes, not really wanting to pay for an extra drink before he arrived. Maybe they weren’t even better dates, but my date’s slightly grungy look wasn’t doing it for me. We talked about drug experiences a little and then it was over. I was a minute early and he was over a half hour late! There were delays on the train, he apologized via textmessages and got a cab to be faster, so I tried to hide how annoyed I was. It wasn’t a long wait, but again I felt like he was unprepared.