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The database consists of an Acquisition table, which lists which radio frequencies to search for in which areas, and a System table, which tells the phone which towers it is allowed to connect to, and the preferred order.A Signal Repeater typically consists of an outside antenna, an amplifier that requires AC or DC power and an inside antenna.

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For more information on what is included in a carrier settings update, contact your carrier.

To submit telephone orders, view telephone billings and reports, please visit The Telecom Expense Management System (TEMS). Please view our training materials for more information on how to login and use TEMS. If you do not have voicemail, you can add it to your university phones for an additional price.

If you wish to reset or change your voicemail password, you can contact IST.

If you’re a staff or faculty member, you are likely eligible for a phone.

IST provides telephone equipment rentals, phone number installations, moves, feature additions, and accessories to staff and faculty across campus.

When Palm released the Pre on Sprint (the first CDMA smartphone with "root" access to the system) people quickly learned how to hack the PRL to force a connection on Verizon towers in areas of poor Sprint coverage.

The same thing is done today with certain CDMA Android phones, and usually ends up with the same result -- a letter from your carrier telling you it's been nice having you as a customer, but it's time to part ways.

It's pretty easy to do: Android phones also have an option to update the PRL in most CDMA phones, you'll find that in the settings pages.

The Preferred Roaming List, also known as PRL, is a list of frequency bands that the phone is allowed to access throughout the country.

PRL stands for Preferred Roaming List and is a database used in CDMA (think Sprint and Verizon here) phones.

It's built and provided by your carrier, and used when your phone is connecting to the tower.