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Soon after, however, she became pregnant with Robert's child - and then aborted ("I realized it was going to be the ruination of my career, messing up people's lives: you know, mine, Robert's, everybodys") - and told Robert: "I don't want anything to do with sex again as long as I live." She separated from him briefly while recuperating in the country with relatives, and then returned to him, but found herself bored and unfulfilled. " "Maybe I'm prematurely bald." "I've never known a bald girl before." "By the same token, you must be a boy."Known for being creepy and cruel at times, on another occasion, Walker led brunette Kathy (Linda Cochran) down into a dark basement of an abandoned warehouse (a "secret dungeon").

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Bars and clubs (and restaurants, coffee shops, etc.) are great places to meet women, but it's fact that most women date and hook up with men they are introduced to through their social circle. You don't even have to risk awkwardness or embarrassment.

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What I am about to reveal is the My peers who used to laugh at me now pay top dollars to get coaching and advice from me to pick up women.I want to clarify that I am not trying to brag about the benefits I got from my friends and ex-girlfriends.I feel obliged and highly indebted to all of them for coming through for me.How they do it varies but the underlying fundamentals are all the same.The goal is to demonstrate some personality ( attraction) get to know each other ( comfort) and then meet up (date).Women usually have their guards up at bars because of the sleazy men running around.This makes it harder to pickup women at bars than at most places.People rave about because it's the most "natural" way to meet and date beautiful women. Every social group has its leaders - how did they become leaders? How can you manage your reputation without restricting yourself to just one woman?However, friends aren't just props to introduce you to women.It’s best if we explore all scenarios/types in order to become a man that has choice.Some scenarios can be meeting women during the day, at night and social circle dating.