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Siddig is exceedingly smart, friendly and refreshingly frank which allowed for a fun and honest conversation. Collider: Now, you’ve been talking about this film for quite some time. I mean, that’s an astonishing amount of time because it’s a very independent movie and it’s hard and slow to sell those (kinds) of movies and so we’ve been working, I mean, not every day obviously, every now and then. Siddig: The Tribeca Film Festival in New York AND in Doha (Tribeca has another festival in Qatar). Obviously, Canada (The filmmakers are Canadian), Ireland. You know, the people who really can’t bear the movie, they’re not going to come up to me and tell me (jokingly pointing a finger). I mean, I think one of the trepidations that we had before we started was that we thought men somehow wouldn’t get it. A woman reviewer came up to (the film’s writer/director) Ruba (Nadda) yesterday and just started weeping. And, as we were talking about before, it deals with a deeper exploration of things that heretofore were stereotypes or taboos. I think it hurt the very end of was just a kind of flailing kid in the background that was just “Ah, and we’re here too. I mean, you can do really dark, full-on stuff and take it so far away, to a spaceship somewhere miles and miles (away) on a funny little planet where the creatures are barely recognizable. I hope it’s not, “Oh, this film,” in 25 years or 30 years, (where people will say) “Oh, yeah there were Palestinians in Israel back then.