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We had this conversation back then—that it’s always easier to dam up a stream at the narrowest point before a lake of love and shared experiences collect, requiring gobs of cement, fifty times the effort, and exponential pain to do what could have been done more simply upstream. I don’t think it’s true love that keeps us in those relationships, because true love puts others first. (Obviously, we can’t love perfectly, as God does, but we should be perfect love in our relationships.) So if true love thinks of others and doesn’t harbor fear, true love would mean risking hurting yourself and/or your boyfriend to do what is ultimately best.
The more effort you put into talking to someone before a first date, and the more information you try to glean before that first date, too, the less likely you’ll be putting yourself at any kind of risk using an online dating site like or e Harmony. Last week, a California woman filed a lawsuit against after she was sexually assaulted while on a second date at a cafe in West Hollywood by a man she met on