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People are demi and joe dating july 2016

Yes, I was handed 4, bills by a total stranger! No, I was not standing on a street corner, I was in my garage and my husband was a witness. I try to find an FM station that plays non-stop music. A little while ago we were enjoying ourselves outside on our back deck. I eventually came into the house to start supper-pealing potatoes and the like. One minute it was secure in my right hand, the next is was lying there on the floor in pieces. The arthritis in my neck is giving me pain after... I need to get a short nap and I am just waiting for you to be done, so I can fold the towels and get my rest. I'm using what I have, so the first thing I am making is chicken... Becky left here in the happiest of moods this morning to go pick up an elderly friend for church. I have been talking about getting stuff organized and tossed for quite a few weeks now but the procrastination gene always won out.