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Females are found apart from males for most of the year, and conduct seasonal migrations.

A large species reaching 3.3 m (11 ft) long, the copper shark is difficult to distinguish from other large requiem sharks.

It is characterized by its narrow, hook-shaped upper teeth, lack of a prominent ridge between the dorsal fins, and plain bronze coloration.

Volunteers from the Marine Strandings Network at Cornwall Wildlife Trust have been sent to the scene to assess the giant animal, confirm what species it is and find out more.

Niki Clear from the Marine Strandings Network said: 'The shark was reported to us early last night.'We didn't want to send anyone down there at night, so we decided to hold off until today and cross our fingers that it was still there.'Once our team of volunteers get to the shark, they will try to take measurements of its length and fins etc. Shark and whale carcasses on the beach are a relatively common sight in the UK and beyond but little is known about why the animals get washed up.

Feeding mainly on cephalopods, bony fishes, and other cartilaginous fishes, the copper shark is a fast-swimming predator that has been known to hunt in large groups, utilizing their numbers to their advantage; however for most of the time they remain solitary.

Off South Africa, this species associates closely with the annual sardine run, involving millions of southern African pilchard (Sardinops sagax).

Like other requiem sharks, it is viviparous, with the developing embryos mainly nourished through a placental connection formed from the depleted yolk sac.

Females bear litters of 7 to 24 pups every other year in coastal nursery areas, after a gestation period of 12 or perhaps as long as 21 months.

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