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The signal to evacuate is normally given by fire alarm.

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The differences are in their internal design, which make them suitable for various operating conditions.

In contrast to ball and roller bearings, where the bearing size refers to the bore diameter d, for cam followers the size refers to their outside diameter D. An eccentric collar, which has a shrink-fit onto the stud, enables less stringent positioning tolerances to be specified for associated components.

All modules have user defined tool and material libraries controlling many of the important machining parameters such as tool direction, automatic lead in and lead out, corner cut options (straight, roll round or loop), G41/42 tool compensation and automatic calculation of speeds and feeds.

Renowned in the metalworking industry for ease-of-use, Alphacam can contour, pocket, engrave and hole-drill complex parts.

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They are fitted with an axial sliding ring on both sides and are identified by the designation suffix PPSKA (fig. KR design cam followers with the designation suffix B, sizes 22 and larger, have a hexagonal recess at each end of the stud (fig.

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1), which is identified by the letter V at the end of the basic designation. In the axial direction, the sliding ring serves as a contact seal to reliably retain grease in the bearing.

The outer ring is axially guided by the pressed-on flange ring and the head of the stud, which also serves as an integral flange. This improves the lubrication conditions in the bearing, keeps friction and frictional heat low, and extends grease life.

Horizontal aggregates for machining parts such as hinge reliefs and lock mortices, are easy to control using Alphacam.

Standard fixtures can be created and saved within the system and inserted on to work planes when required, providing significant time savings.

All Alphacam modules are built using one core foundation which includes geometry creation commands such as line, arc, circle, rectangle, polygon, ellipse, spline and polyline together with surface creation options.

Other features include intelligent snapping functions such as end, mid, center, intersect, tangent, quadrant and auto.

KR design cam followers are fitted with a needle roller and cage assembly.

They are also available with a full complement needle roller set (fig. In the radial direction, the sliding ring forms a narrow labyrinth seal with the outer ring to protect against coarse contaminants.