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newspaper published the first daily weather map, London's sewer system was completed after 30 years of construction, and Captain Matthew Webb was the first person to swim the English Channel Below is a selection of names from the GRO Birth Records for England and Wales in 1875.
No wonder, then, that Christchurch singles are the kind of men and women that make great dates: they're resourceful, reliable and tenacious.

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Five dating sites have already signed up to All The Dates and more are set to follow."We've had a great response to the idea so far" says Tim "and are set to incorporate another two dating sites next month." For additional information on All The, or on the subject of this release, contact Tim Taylor or visit "Our inspiration is to take a lot of the hard work and guesswork out of online dating, making it less daunting and more fun" says All The founder, Tim Taylor.

You will now be able to display Custom Google Search Results on your Browser.

If it doesn't work out, you may be hearing from me but so far so good..of luck to you anyway... I can't even remember all the sites I've joined over the years but never revisited..

All I know is the subscriptions on the "pay" sites I joined have long since ended, and I never renewed.

The love child would resemble something like Copenda, the upcoming people search tool that scours the web's dating sites to find you a perfect match.

The site is still in private beta, but will go live later this week.

I got a chance to check it out today, and it's pretty clear what Copenda has set out to do. Choose to search for males or females, select an age range, and see what you get.

There are other search parameters as well, such as distance from a particular region and keyword.

When they search, All The Dates scans the databases of its five partner dating sites (Canoodle, Loveandfriends, Matchpoints, Singlescrowd and specialist gay site, Gayters), and returns the profiles that prove an exact fit.

The site provides in-depth profiles - including photos - tells the consumer which dating site each single is a member of, and enables them to make contact.

In today’s Internet world of booming social networks, it’s easier to find lost friends and colleagues than it ever was before.

In fact, the private world of yesterday is now an online world with open access to social networks, government databases, and public records.