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Investigators believe the 55-year-old died from 'a gaping stab wound to the neck' which caused 'great loss of blood'.

Russia is probing the murder of senior space official Vladimir Yevdokimov in a Moscow prison cell amid reports he died from a deep stab wound to the throat.

It said that Yevdokimov suffered stab wounds to the chest and throat.

The case has shocked Russians due to Yevdokimov's high-profile role and the strange circumstances of his death, with speculation that it could have been a premeditated killing.

Since 2015 Yevdokimov had been in charge of quality control at Roscosmos, which runs Russia's space programme.

According to RT, after talks in Russia's cosmodrome in Kazhakstan, the world's foremost space programmes agreed to both prolong the life of the current ISS by four years - it was due to expire in 2020 - and collaborate on the next edition.

Roscosmos chief Igor Komarov told journalists: "We have agreed that Roscosmos and Nasa will be working together on the programme of a future space station."The countries will create a new, unified set of space programme standards and systems, which Komarov said is "very important to future missions and stations".

US-Russia relations may be at its lowest point in decades, but their space agencies are working together like never before.

Nasa and its Russian equivalent Roscosmos today announced plans to build a new space station for when the International Space Station (ISS) is retired in 2024.

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The Associated Press quotes Komarov as saying: "Roscosmos and Nasa will work on a programme for a future orbiting station.

We will think about discussing joint projects."Last year Russia's Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin said Moscow would leave the ISS project in 2020, and just last month Roscosmos said it envisioned the creation of a new Russian space station.