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Rockbox database not updating

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At work we build a lot of open source software using mostly open source software. I hoped the Sansa Clip Zip could handle the music, since after all it is a dedicated device.

There are, however, cases where closed software is more expedient… On the other end of the spectrum, there’s the Sansa Clip Zip. ) But I’m tired of loading and unloading stuff on the Shuffle, due to the lack of capacity. I loaded most of my music in i Tunes onto the micro SD card, and put it in an Android phone. It flashed low memory when booted with the micro SD card. I bought it thinking, “So I can get this for less than and it has a micro SD slot.

Even with hundreds of playlists with thousands of songs that is unlikely.

Every playlist has a description (let's say 1k) and the song ids (let's say 100 bytes per song), so your playlists will never account for more than a few MBs.

After upgrading my 5th generation 30GB i Pod Video to 240GB everything worked fine with several GB worth of data.

However, when I loaded 200GB of mp3s the i Tunes DB was 44MB and did not get recognized.

The i Pod reported 0 songs which should have been 30415.

After some trial and error I was able to get it to recognize 17750 songs (i Tunes DB size of 25MB), but only after a reset. After some research I found the 30GB i Pod has 32MB of RAM while to 60GB/80GB version has 64MB.

I have also transitioned to using Linux as my OS of choice, which can make life difficult if you love i Pods, but not terribly so.

If you use a lot of video or podcasts, perhaps the i Tunes DB will stay small enough, but it's not very likely. I have noticed that my database is actually almost 220 mb... There's no way I will be able to get that down to 34 megabytes... This sucks - hopefully someone will find a solution.

Even with the 64MB model I had to tweak the i Tunes DB to make it work for me. Your i Tunes DB (inside the /i Pod_Control/i Tunes/ directory of your i Pod) is 220MB??

Once you are in Rock Box, you are presented with a menu.

To play music, you will need to browse to a folder of music you created on the i Pod, or if you have not moved your music to a folder outside of the i Tunes Database yet, browse to the Music directory underneath the i Pod_Control directory.

Once you follow the installation steps for your device(I used a i Pod Video), you can boot into either Apple’s firmware or Rock Box.

To boot into Rock Box on the i Pod, you just need to hold the Menu and Select buttons like you would when you restart the i Pod making sure that the i Pod is unlocked.

Furthermore, I could not find a log file or other indication of what exactly it chokes on. Then I came across Rockbox, Free Music Player Firmware, which installed fine onto the Sansa Clip Zip.

Anyone want to add 32 GB of music one file at a time, rebooting and reloading the device database after every file? It looks like it could be uninstalled, too, with roll back to the original firmware.

After installing Rockbox, I inserted the micro SD card, and rebuilt the database… I have not checked every single song, but they all seem to be there. There has to be somebody at San Disk or a San Disk contractor who is paid to maintain the Sansa firmware.

On the surface, their firmware does look different from Rockbox. Who cares how intuitive it is if you would have to set aside a few days of your life just to figure out which half of your i Tunes music collection it can load?