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We’ll get it down to a short list and we’ll do a tasting session.

Richard lives in New York, though not all the time, and New Yorkers can count him among those who reject the notion that we are anything less than friendly. They’re like Parisians …cool and confrontational, in a good way, in a good way, like they like a good debate.

Too old to whore again around for money.--maybe will be thrown out of his farmville house end up in a cheap flat in Brooklyn with old dogs and cats, never made a good role again and die as an old lonesome faggot... Literally someone thought AL was slightly fat and said "maybe I think she's pregnant now". Who is stupid enough to consider that to be in the realm of credibility or even reality? They feel the urge to make things up so Richard can somehow "look better".

I'm sure the idiot troll on the subreddit would be glad to know people think their psycho "theories" are now being quoted by mouth breathers as rumors. Didn't LP and RA walked Pete together in September or October? It's hard to find anything real to shit talk lee about.

…you walk into a restaurant and it’s not full of people silently sitting in front of each other like it can be in England; it’s full of people pointing fingers in each other’s faces having a really good political debate, or whatever.” In addition, “London and New York are sort of unique in that they are not really representative of the rest of the country that they exist in.

London doesn’t really represent England–it’s so multicultural and cosmopolitan that it’s its own entity.

In [1064/65], Duke Guillaume interceded with Guy de Ponthieu Comte d'Abbeville to secure the release of Harold, son of Godwin, from captivity in Normandy, in return for Harold's acknowledgement of Guillaume as successor to the English crown (according to the portrayal of the event in the Bayeux tapestry).

Harold's visit to Normandy, and swearing allegiance to Duke William, is recorded by William of Jumiges.

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’” In another scene they put him in an empty box within a container filled with water.

[It’s the] same with New York; that’s why I’m able to live in New York.” In those early days of October, the US was facing a government shutdown—the first it had seen in 20 years.

The shutdown was four days old and Richard had been out of the country rather than enjoying it.

Notable among these are:(Chteau de Falaise, Normandy [1027/28]-Rouen, Prior de Saint-Gervais , bur Caen, Abb de Saint-Etienne). Willelmum filium suum was born apud Falesiam Deville suggests that Guillaumes birthdate can be fixed more precisely to [mid-1027], taking into account that his father Robert occupied Falaise immediately after the death of his father Duke Richard II (), not wishing to accept the authority of his older brother Duke Richard III, but that Roberts stay was short as the two brothers were reconciled soon after, it being reasonable to suppose that Roberts relationship with Guillaumes mother occurred soon after his arrival at Falaise It appears that Edward "the Confessor" King of England acknowledged Guillaume as successor to the English throne on several occasions, maybe for the first time during his visit to England in 1051 which is recorded in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

Comte de Maine in 1063, after he conquered the county.

If the really fucked it up they ended in a very tragic way I think. Maybe Armitage has a new lover in Berlin, no idea if he ever was not straying when he wa out filming and left Pace at home. Armiatge will move back to Europe and stay into the closet and will be a sugar daddy type to young not in the age nor in the looks that he can get another former attractive lover like Pace.

And his roles will stay fucking B-rolls and wander into C rolls..-.-Pace? Richard stans have been having an existential crisis.

The genealogy of the kings of England after the Norman Conquest of 1066 is so well known that it needs little introduction.

What is surprising is that, despite the multiplicity of sources and vast amount of collective study effort, there are still areas where doubt persists.

In person, of course, Richard Armitage turns out to be the softest pussycat. He’s six foot something and mostly consists of granite and stubble.

But the voice is on the quiet side, and he radiates an air of proper humility. He duly smiles, enchantingly, at the absurdity of the gap between image and reality.