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SDSU has since banned one of the frats, Delta Sigma Phi.10/1: Kansas University puts Kappa Sigma on bans students from the Beta Theta Pi house citing "a long history of incidents there."9/19: Four students report being drugged at a TKE party at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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One of the main reasons it takes so long to recover from heartbreaks is people usually indulge in thoughts and behaviors that might feel natural and compelling but actually make things worse.

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If it was your first serious relationship, you may experience how hard it is letting go of your "first love." Or, the end of a long-term relationship may cause you to experience a loss of identity. Unless you stay with the first person you ever have a romantic relationship with, you will experience a break-up.It can be incredibly painful, and often feels isolating.During a break-up, the very person you are used to turning to is the one person you no longer can.The experience of a break-up can result in a multitude of emotions, such as shock, denial, anger, relief, joy, depression, anxiety, and perhaps at some point, acceptance. You may be more irritable than normal, and your mood can fluctuate. " and the next you may find yourself crying and missing your boyfriend or girlfriend like crazy.If you are still occupying most of your time reminiscing your most memorable times together, then you are not doing yourself any good.Reliving the good old days with your ex eventually will lead you to the present and that could hurt.Going through a relationship break up can be quite hard.The experience itself can be life changing and depressing.You may notice changes in your eating and/or sleeping habits. You may also be letting go of friends you met through your partner, places you went together, and their family.So what do you do to help yourself manage a break-up?