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’ Yes, well, that’s because you were with your boy.” Dating for two is difficult; dating in a crowd is downright complicated.

Prank dating website how accurate is carbon dating

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According to Twitter, All Stuff Oreos may actually be a real life thing.People are posting pictures of Oreo’s newest flavor, and it looks like it could be legit.Even better, a site called Ship Your Enemies is standing by, ready to send anonymous glitter to anyone you want for around . If you’re looking to confuse and amuse a dear friend or family member, it doesn’t get better than this.Let me introduce you to the online services Invisible Boyfriend and Invisible Girlfriend, which will engage your friend with text messages as if they were his or her significant other.There’s a really cool site that lets you search for status/post updates of anyone who has that information available for public viewing.You can go to to check to see if you can find any posts made by you.She’s pretty rude when she hears it’s a wrong number.Then when they put the phone down they immediately get another call from someone looking for Quentin and another and another until they finally get a call from Quentin who is very pissed off that the victim hasn’t taken any messages…They get an automated call from the local phone exchange as someone has reported their phone number, (it reads it to them), as being faulty.

These days you can pull one over with just a few clicks of the mouse.

It will however be secretly programmed to email you all the information they enter on that page.

The victim will get a call from someone looking for a chap called Quentin.

The process, called “scraping”, took the pictures from the profiles of one million Facebook users, compiled and matched them to other users using special software and then posted the 250,000 matches to their dating site.

The authors of the site, Paolo Cirio and Alessandro Ludovico, wanted to demonstrate just how easy it is for people/companies to troll through Facebook, collecting “public data” so they can do whatever it is they are going to do with the data.

Anyone who’s ever had a fleck of the stuff on their cheek for days on end can tell you.

So when it comes to friendly warfare with your buddies, glitter just might be the greatest weapon you’ve never thought of.

Sometime last week, two guys launched a “dating” site with 250,000 users.

Which would be a huge launch except for the fact that the users joined the site without actually knowing about it. Their reasoning is explained in detail on their site.

Everyone knows the best part of the Oreo is the creme filling.

If you don’t agree, then you obviously don’t know anything about deliciousness. Like, no cookie parts…literally just the creme filling.