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A woman can get pregnant if a man’s sperm reaches one of her eggs (ova).

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The design and concept of Ever Quest is heavily indebted to text-based MUDs, in particular Diku MUD, and as such Ever Quest is considered a 3D evolution of the text MUD genre like some of the MMOs that preceded it, such as Meridian 59 and The Realm Online.

John Smedley, Brad Mc Quaid, Steve Clover and Bill Trost, who jointly are credited with creating the world of Ever Quest, have repeatedly pointed to their shared experiences playing MUDs such as Sojourn and Toril MUD as the inspiration for the game.

The results of this study show strong similarities with previous research in relation to both offender and victim populations.

Implications are discussed in relation to the importance of reporting mechanisms, awareness raising with parents and the need to recognize sexual agency and resilience in many adolescents.

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It was developed by Sony's 989 Studios and its early-1999 spin-off Verant Interactive, and published by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE).

It has received awards, including 1999 Game Spot Game of the Year and a 2007 Technology & Engineering Emmy Award.

Ever Quest began as a concept by John Smedley in 1996.

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Existing research has involved adolescent as well as offender populations, and has largely relied on surveys with young people, interviews and official record data with offenders and ethnographic work with police officers.

There have also been a number of studies using chat log data between offenders and adults pretending to be children.

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Not something for long distance couples to do together/for each other, but for long distance couples nonetheless.

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It was the second commercially viable MMORPG to be released, after Ultima Online, and the first commercially successful MMORPG to employ a three-dimensional game engine.