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Large fines for overstaying a visa can occur in Sri Lanka.

Travellers must have yellow fever and cholera immunizations if they are arriving from an infected area.

One can find Sri Lankan girls, Russian prostitutes and other working girls operating in and around these places.

However, you should still stay safe and a bit careful while dealing with situations related to sexual interest.

Foreign nationals who intend to visit Sri Lanka must obtain an Electronic Travel Authority prior to arrival.

More information on the ETA can be accessed online at .

It is also illegal to procure and traffic persons for prostitution.

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COLOMBO: Sri Lanka will set up a special panel to tackle widespread sexual abuse and exploitation of women including thousands of war widows, the government said Wednesday.

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There is a non-refundable processing fee for some categories of the ETA.

When selecting the appropriate visa category note that travellers risk deportation if they engage in activities outside of their visa conditions.

It is an island country in the Indian Ocean, south of India.

Prostitution in Sri Lanka is not illegal, but soliciting and running brothels is under the vagrants ordinance and the brothels ordinance.