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'” Blake, of course, dated co-star Penn Badgley, 28, who played her onscreen boyfriend Dan Humphrey, from 2008 to 2010. — but worlds were shattered when it was revealed in the finale (spoilers) that he was the baddest B of them all: ended in 2012, Blake took a long hiatus from acting and started lifestyle site Preserve. “It taps into so many of my own passions, but it also is a business that I can control.
Main Article: Cassie and John Cassie grew up without a father and knew nothing about him during her childhood.

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Which, in part, is why I virtually jumped at the chance to interview the renowned Canadian songstress.

That, along with the fact that her music has been there as a spiritual guide throughout the majority of my turbulent 22-year-old life.

Since her 2000 “I’m Like a Bird,” debut the singer-songwriter has diversified her channels of creativity by rejecting limitations.

Along her never-ending journey to defy the boundaries of genre, she’s written tracks that make you jump to your feet just as often as those meant to pick you up off the ground.

Sherlock deduces someone is attempting to frame Ms.

Lanzer for the murder; meanwhile Watson tracks down a missing homeless man.

(Click for photos from the event.) "Now that you're out of my ...

Hold up, hold up," Beyoncé Knowles said during a "Survivor" test run, wearing the same grass skirt she and her group would wear during the real show.

Another day, another public exchange between rappers. Nelly was recently involved in an Instagram squabble with his former associate, St.

The police find a stolen hard drive with surveillance footage at the lawyer's home which was the missing evidence to charge the lawyer.

Meanwhile, Joan looks into a missing homeless man, prompting her to open up to Sherlock about her biological father who is schizophrenic and lives on the street.

Joan locates the missing homeless man and uncovers a plot to kidnap homeless people for their benefit checks.

Corpse de Ballet is the fifteenth episode of season two, and the thirty-ninth episode of the series.

Mayweather, who has had tensions with Nelly in the past over Jackson, also stepped in with his two cents by instructing his followers to head over to S.

He also accused the model/aspiring actress of getting plastic surgery, courtesy of her former relationship with Floyd Mayweather. M.’s Instagram page: READ: Nelly Explains Floyd Mayweather Beef The Instagram exchange continued with S.

The murder of a ballerina is investigated by Sherlock and Joan, and evidence seems stacked against the dance company's star performer, Iris.

An audio recording released to the tabloids reveals Iris' intimate relationship to the victim, but Sherlock deconstructs the recording and deduces that Iris' lawyer was the murderer and was trying to use the impending trial against Iris as a way to elevate his firm's reputation.

Luckily, all the members of the multiplatinum group had jeans shorts on underneath. " Knowles asked minutes prior as they walked through "Jumpin' Jumpin'." "I thought we was going to have pyro." She wanted to make sure everything was right for the first show, especially since Destiny's Child, the tour's headlining act, were featured on the bill after hitmakers 3LW, Dream, Jessica Simpson, Eve and Nelly, who was accompanied by his crew, the St. Although nobody on the tour wanted to be outdone, the competition level was friendly — at least for the first show. "All the acts been doing they thing [previous to the tour] so it ain't like nobody's holding the other up.

I definitely appreciate their music and they've been supportive of us.