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Muslim men dating rules

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There is no blame in casting the first sight, but a female is required to stare away.

She is not allowed to look at men in a manner, which may lead to evil results. When a female speaks to a male other than her husband or relatives whom she is forbidden to marry (mahram), her speech should not be inviting, but should remain objective and crisp.

Young Girls Married off in War-Torn Yemen: Child marriages are increasing drastically in Yemen, due to the civil war and the poverty and the displacement it caused.

, fueled by a war that has thrown society into turmoil.

Females should not greet or shake hands with males.

"Parents marry off their daughters to be relieved of the cost of their care or because they believe a husband's family can offer better protection," UNICEF said.

Men and women should avoid mingling along the road.

The Shari’ah further requires a woman not to stamp on the ground while walking and thus attract the attention of passer-bys. A woman is not allowed to stare at a man’s face, which she may find attractive at first sight.

In a landmark ruling last week, a Malaysian court upheld the rights of a Christian to convert from Islam.

The judgment establishes a precedent in a country where religious conversions, particularly from Islam to Christianity, have been steeped in controversy.

With the use of modern technology, people can date via telephone or computer or meet in person.

This term may also refer to two or more people who have already decided they share romantic or sexual feelings toward each other.

The judge, Yew Ken Jie, said, “He is free to exercise his right of freedom to religion, and he chose Christianity.” Rebit was born into a Christian family in 1975, but his parents converted to Islam when he was eight years old. In 1999, Rebit embraced Christianity and was baptized.

In her decision, Yew ruled that since Rebit was underage when he became a Muslim, he could not be considered an officially professed Muslim.

However, it is permissible for a man to greet all ladies who are behind Pardah provided there is no intention of sin and mischief.

When Muslims leave for Hajj or return, or during special occasions (Eid, birthdays, weddings, etc.) we see Muslim males and females (ghair-mahram, those with whom marriage is permissible) embracing with and shaking hands with each other. You should walk on the side furthest from the road or street and not in the middle.