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She's also a former educator who taught fourth grade for several years."My first thought was, that was really harsh," Hurst said.
Tim partnered with Republican Senator Jeff Flake to introduce the only bipartisan authorization proposal to show America’s enemies, allies, and troops that the nation is united in this fight.

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Getting back to the UK and taking stock, I realised my circle of single friends had dwindled as I'd got older, and I didn't want to date someone at work, as that's always struck me as complicated and potentially disastrous.

I outlined my dilemma to my boss and she suggested I try online dating.

When you sign in to Muddy Matches, you will be required to post up information such as your telephone number (either landline or mobile), as well as your postcode, location and the nearest town.

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If you prefer the trees, the grass, the stars in the sky and the lack of car noises outside your window at night, Muddy Matches may be your cup of tea.

It does, after all, describe itself also as a matchmaking site.

Due to it being a rather small niche dating site, Muddy Matches only seems to have roughly 5,000 members.

I never really meant to start internet dating, but after a long-term relationship left me single aged 32, I didn't really feel like I had a choice.

My break-up was a bit nightmarish – the girl was due to be the bridesmaid at our friend's all-American, taffeta ballgowns-and-doves-style wedding – you know, the kind of weddings they have at the end of American romcoms – and she failed to show.

“It’s often difficult to define how rural someone is, there are so many different levels at which someone can be involved in the countryside.” And this is how the pair came up with the “muddiness” concept. In essence, it’s an extra way of defining yourself, apart from the usual profiles found on the internet,” reckons Emma, who still works part-time on the family farm.

Furthermore, muddiness doesn’t just have to be reserved for those in the countryside, and can be gauged for those in towns too – so the only common denominator is not to have an aversion to getting dirty.

Aged 32 and single, Willard Foxton decided to set himself the challenge of trying as many dating websites as possible, to up his chances of finding the perfect partner.

He certainly met some interesting types, but did he discover The One?

For Lucy and Emma Reeves, two farming sisters from Northamptonshire, their original idea came in the form of a social networking site catering for country-minded people.

They trawled as many dating websites as they could before being recognised as “serial datists” and found a gap when it came to those catering for members with an interest in the countryside.