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M.,” Harlow tweeted on Wednesday (February 22), sharing a link to DX’s story, which pointed out some of the more dubious elements about the rumors.

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The early-19th-century setting is equally bracing, offering a more brutal view of the period than one is apt to encounter in most PBS "Masterpiece" productions.Hardy co-created the show with Steven Knight (with whom he previously worked on "Locke" and "Peaky Blinders"), and the actor's father, Chips Hardy, joins him and director Ridley Scott among the producers.

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Its tactics often entail strict media controls using monitoring systems and firewalls, shuttering publications or websites, and jailing dissident journalists, bloggers, and activists.For Tom Hardy admirers, just landing him to star in a series after several high-profile movies -- among them "Mad Max: Fury Road" -- represents a coup for FX.That the result, "Taboo," proves very good, set in an enticing period and graced with a splendid supporting cast, is a happy bonus.Google’s battle with the Chinese government over internet censorship and the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s awarding of the 2010 Peace Prize to jailed Chinese activist Liu Xiaobo have also increased international attention to censorship issues.At the same time, the country’s burgeoning economy relies on the web for growth, and experts say the growing need for internet freedom is testing the regime’s control.China’s constitution affords its citizens freedom of speech and press, but the opacity of Chinese media regulations allows authorities to crack down on news stories by claiming that they expose state secrets and endanger the country.The definition of state secrets in China remains vague, facilitating censorship of any information that authorities deem harmful [PDF] to their political or economic interests. Economy says the Chinese government is in a state of “schizophrenia” about media policy as it “goes back and forth, testing the line, knowing they need press freedom and the information it provides, but worried about opening the door to the type of freedoms that could lead to the regime’s downfall.” The government issued in May 2010 its first white paper on the internet that focused on the concept of “internet sovereignty,” requiring all internet users in China, including foreign organizations and individuals, to abide by Chinese laws and regulations.*/ var check For Promos And Render = function(should Show Popover) ; /* render Promo Details This is a function for checking which promotions will be applied to a purchase and render those details in the popover.*/ var render Promo Details = function(should Show Popover) ; /* CLAIM CODE REDEMPTION Promotion/GC redemption click handler.Apple was told about the problems and today released the i OS 9.3.5 patch in response to block the potential for exploitation.These are the instructions from Apple on how to make sure your device gets updated.