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Another part of me also feels that I would feel very insecure as a woman as I don’t know if I would be enough to keep my partner happy and for that matter even satisfied if he still wishes to explore and be sexual with the same sex as himself.My theory is (and I could be completely wrong here) but bisexual people tend to be younger because the older you get I think if you wanted to experience another sex you already have or just didn’t want to at the time because it wasn’t for you.

The other thing you should know about me is that almost all of my exes from the past 20 years are dating or married, to men.As long as you are happy and that your partner makes you happy than that’s all that matters.Name: Laura Age: 27 Job: Special needs teaching assistant I would date a bisexual man and am actually doing so at the moment. Men can be bisexual, it’s not a phase, confusion or gay men telling half-truths.There are genuine gents out there, like me, who like to date both genders. You Gov recently found that 43 per cent of 18-24-year-olds did not identify as gay or straight. Name: Kellie Age: 28 Job: Account director Ok so for me it’s pretty simple.The vast majority of abusers of bisexual women are straight, cisgender men.As long as bisexual women are stereotyped as promiscuous, incapable of fidelity, and hypersexual -- stereotypes that partners often use as excuses for abusive behaviors -- we will remain victimized at higher rates.You don’t need a GSCE in maths to realise that makes bisexuality the second most common sexuality in the UK (in that demographic). I wouldn’t date a bisexual guy because a part of me believes that you just can’t be a 50/50 bisexual person and what I mean by that is that you are always going to be attracted to one sex a lot more than the other.There’s always going to be a preference and I can’t see my thoughts changing on that.To give you an idea of how consistent I am, there are about 12 of them.Some identified as lesbians when I met them, some identified as bisexual, and for some, I knew I was their cunnilingus one-hit-wonder.