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Martha stewart today show dating

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Stan is a filmmaker who shoots independent features and commercials, including ones that featured Stewart for Kmart many years ago.

He plays numerous sports, and enjoys gardening and meeting people in interesting places “spiced with fun," according to his online profile. “You never know what happens if business is good.” chief executive Sam Yagan said Stewart’s experience is typical for online dating.

“The first time I met Martha, we spent most of the evening talking about her past suitors,” said Dan Slater, who recently married Stewart's niece. But she did fill out the section describing the type of person she’s looking for. “Lot of ish's,” noted Lauer, who mentioned how he recently ran into Stewart at a baseball game. "You work hard to become who you are if you want to be someone," she said.

Slater spent years studying online dating for his new book, “Love in the Time of Algorithms: What Technology Does to Meeting and Mating.” “This is a subject that has been on her mind for a long time," he said. Stewart even went on but failed to get very far on her application. “I put out ‘youngish,’” she told Lauer, clarifying that she wanted someone “active,” not necessarily limited to an age range. Being successful also is important, but “just for him,” she said. He said a friend sitting with him asked to be set up with Stewart. But she also questionedthe idea that her die-hard fans may not be able to relate to her or her lifesytlebecause of the wealth her incredible success has yielded. I think that the lady who is waiting on me at the local diner, who has kids in school and the mouths to feed, I think she probably has as nice a life as I have.

Since then, she filled out a profile and has gone on dates with two men.

She and CEO update TODAY’s Matt Lauer on her progress.

I think finding a soul mate for you might be a little bit difficult, but I think first dates are easily doable,” Yagan told her. I complain about, you know, something that can be fixed,” she said.

“I’d like to have breakfast with somebody," Stewart admitted. Sleep with somebody.” While the confession clearly stunned TODAY’s Matt Lauer, Stewart’s nephew clarified it was nothing new. Stewart said she does not regret any of the pressure that has come with her widespread fame.

He considers himself a romantic, loves traveling, movies, museums, and holding hands, according to his profile.Stewart, 71, was introduced to both men live on the TODAY show before going out with each of them on separate dates at New York restaurants. Neither man appeared nervous, despite a camera recording their conversation. “It gets you out there and it kind of gets the ball rolling,” he said.She said she’s already had follow-up conversations with Larry — although more for professional reasons rather than private ones. “Whether you meet someone through the online dating site itself or just getting yourself out there, your friends now know you’re ready to go.” Stewart agreed.On the TODAY Show Monday, Stewart announced she was joining the online dating website That remains to be seen, but according to her profile, she describes herself as “entrepreneurial,” calls her politics “very liberal,” and ticks off predictable interests such as cooking, fishing, gardening, landscaping, movies, videos, museums, antiquing, dining out, and travel: “So while I’m open to all kinds of people, and love to be surprised, here’s what I know I appreciate in a man: Someone who’s intelligent, established, and curious; and who relishes adventure and new experiences as much as I do. A lover of animals, grandchildren, and the outdoors.Young at heart.” Now you can help Stewart choose a new photo for the profile.The two men Martha Stewart met through left her wanting to go on more dates, with them and others, the domestic diva said Thursday. This got me to sort of think about dating as a nice thing to do on a regular basis,” she told Matt Lauer on TODAY.Stewart selected Larry and Stan among more than 1,000 people who responded to the personal ad she posted on in April.In an interview taped earlier, Stewart told Lauer she loves dating but misses being in a relationship. A little over a month ago, Martha Stewart admitted she missed being in a relationship and was willing to give online dating a try.She revealed that during one very memorable trip with a man she described as her boyfriend, she was shocked to learn that was younger than her daughter.She didn’t like that at all, so it’s clear that when it comes to finding cubs, the cougar has her limits.