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During the 11th and 12 centuries it began to develop as an empire following the decline of the Ghana Empire to the north.During this period, trade routes shifted southward to the savanna, stimulating the growth of states. 1255) is the first ruler about whom there is accurate written information, from Ibn Khaldun.The other major source of information is Mandinka oral tradition, through storytellers known as griots.The empire began as a small Mandinka kingdom at the upper reaches of the Niger River, centred around the town of Niani (the empire's namesake in Manding).The Mali list includes ancient manuscripts, sculptures, inscribed plaques and jewellery from the 11th to the 16th centuries, and jewellery and vessels from the inner Niger delta dating back to the 8th century.From the wider region are Palaeolithic tools dating to 20,000 BC and the renowned Nok sculptures found in modern-day Nigeria, where looting is also rife. At its height in the late 15th century, the city of Timbuktu was a great centre of learning with a vast library of manuscripts.Mali will hold a presidential election on July 28, according to a draft law adopted by the cabinet as the nation struggles to move on from war and an 18-month political crisis.Mali's government announced the elections on Monday in a communique that set out the dates for the campaign and runoff elections.

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