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They are also the largest non-Turkish minority in Turkey comprising 20% of the population (CIA Turkey, 2007).

The Kurdish speaking people are 9% of the Iranian population (CIA Iran, 2007).

we still talk and text on the phone but I haven't seen him since ..

he still asks me to come see him sometimes but im not sure if im doing the right thing .

With 4-5 million people and 15-20% of the population the Kurds are the largest non-Arab minority in Iraq (CIA Iraq, 2007).Angra Mainyu, the demonic anti-thesis of Zoroastrianism, was defied by Zoroastrians through creating a big fire every year, to symbolize their defiance and hatred for evil and the arch-demon.Nevroz is mainly, in the modern age, affiliated with Kurds, who are in turn make the majority of the Alevi population, which is an Islamized version of the Zoroastrian religion, due to 1400 years of persecution by Arab Muslim rule.Before the Islamization of the Iranic peoples in Asia, the Zoroastrian religion was believed in by the ancestors of the modern Kurds.In Zoroastrian doctrine, fire is a symbol of sight, goodness and purification.They desire borders that would change the map of the Near East.A better understanding of the Kurdish people is a key to understanding the entire region.He also embraced his 'half Greek and half Tongan' ethnicity, which in the same post he denied in favour of being referred to as Kurdish.Gargasoulas said he liked to go kickboxing after work and bragged 'I can fight too, I'm not scared of most people'.'If u get to know me I can garentee (sic) you that I am heaps and heaps of fun because I live in a good area and I know everything around here so choose wisley (sic),' he added.'There's alot of s**tk**tz out there that will use you and break ur heart ok'. Gargasoulas also claimed to have a 'million-dollar plan' to open his own cafe by 'the end of next year' but it was not clear when the profile was written.He carried on working in the local shop for a month after but eventually went back to where he came from the year before witch is about an hour away .I felt confused as to why he got my feelings strong for him then just let me down and went back to where he used to work because he said he liked me too .