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Pictures speak a thousand words, and she’s been photographed getting mighty cozy with a member of Camelot–but not the one we all thought.

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Now if only you could actually touch the holograms, learning surgery remotely could become a possibility.

But there have been other more wholesome examples of what the Kinect technology can do.The closest correlation is rooting or “jailbreaking” a smartphone, as the majority of modders aren’t changing the hardware itself but are instead creating new software.While some projects are one-off ideas brought to life, others are creating easy-to-use software that give anyone with a Kinect and a PC a plethora of new uses.This game was classified by the community with the following category scores - Violence=0/3, Sex=0/3, Mature Content=0/3.Publicly searchable chat rooms finally come to Xbox Live! Talk about games, dating, clan recruitment, or anything else! Enjoy the beautiful space scenery with shooting asteroids, strange alien planets, and other amazing effects.When Microsoft invented Kinect, wobbling boobies probably weren't top of the feature titlist, sorry, hitlist.It's with a sigh, then, that Microsoft addresses the recent Thri XXX video that shows Kinect being used as a tool for virtual arousal.One clever sausage knocked-up a Minority Report-style demonstration that we duly dribbled over.And despite Microsoft's condemnation of Kinect's pornographic potential, the company has openly promised not to prosecute hackers tinkering with the Kinect camera on PC.Last week, Eurogamer broke the news that Microsoft intends to quadruple the accuracy of the Kinect camera - a feat that would make finger movements and hand rotation detectable by the device.The Wicked Pictures contract performer and star of G4's Sexpo South Africa put on a skimpy bikini and checked out Kinect's chat to see if Kinect had some kind of nudity-identification capability, whether Kinect censors video chat or picture sending, as well as checking out the system's ability to recognize a person in a disguise or wearing different kinds of clothing. If Kinect is compatible with PC, then I'm expecting some interesting games and sex sims. yea she wont lay you...u already blocked it from happening.