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Comparing the optical dating ages of the two sections, the Lujiaowan (LJW) and Shuixigou (SXG) sections recorded almost the same depositional process during the Holocene.

Invalidating query cache entries key

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The query cache is transparent so users do not need to manually invalidate results in it if underlying collection data are modified.The cache can be operated in the following modes: The mode can be set at server startup and later changed at runtime.If the Continuous Query Cache is used for the duration of the application, then the resources are cleaned up when the node is shut down or otherwise stops.However, if the Continuous Query Cache is only used for a period, then when the application is done using it, the application must call the When constructing a Continuous Query Cache, it is possible to specify that the cache should only keep track of the keys that result from the query, and obtain the values from the underlying cache only when they are asked for.

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The shard-level query cache module caches the local results on each shard.The following sections are included in this chapter: An example use case is a trading system desktop, in which a trader's open orders and all related information must always be maintained in an up-to-date manner.By combining the Coherence*Extend functionality with Continuous Query Caching, an application can support literally tens of thousands of concurrent users.This is extremely useful for caching long running operations such as sql joins or host request.Invalidating cache is an extremely important activity for any Commerce site to ensure the freshness and consistency of the content being delivered to the customers.Since Commerce uses the dynamic cache service of Web Sphere, the following are examples of the types of cache:- This is where the execution of server side commands are cached.It takes the execute method of a command and determines whether it can be cached or if exist.If the cache is full, the least recently used cache keys will be evicted.The cache can be expired manually with the setting to specify a TTL for cached results, but there should be no reason to do so. The purpose of the query cache is to avoid repeated calculation of the same query results.It is useful if data-reading queries repeat a lot and there are not many write queries.