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Another tragic, and emotionally wild relationship; Sam and Ruby Ruby was the demon beauty fans loved to hate, but secretly just loved, in all her sarcastic glory.
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A player with an intimidating name has an added advantage before their adversaries even set eyes on them.

Throughout NFL history there have been players with intimidating names.

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While we’re all excited to see our favorite teams duke it out for a chance to play in the Super Bowl in New Jersey next February, there is yet another, more high stakes reason why we’re all geeking right now. There’s nothing more thrilling than putting it all on the line against some of your closest buddies and claiming dominance as the elite fantasy player.The NFL thrives on intimidating players, but only a select few have intimidating names that perfectly match their on-the-field personas.Intimidation is a staple of the NFL primarily on the defensive side of the ball, which makes sense because defenders are doing whatever they can to slow down offensive players.For defensive linemen trying to sack Kansas City Chiefs' quarterbacks in the mid 1990's, it had to be disheartening to have to get past a gigantic guard named Will Shields.Shields' name implied he was good at blocking opponents, and that he was.) Chronicles of Riddick Runnin’ Fools Over Like Christine (If we have to explain this one to you, then you don't deserve to have a team name this cool.) Boom Boom Powell Keep Choppin’ Woodhead Bringin’ the Woodhead Take ‘em to the Woodhead Land of the Freeman Parker/Lewis Can’t Lose (Is it worth overdrafting De Vante Parker and an injured Dion Lewis just to get this team name?We say "yes".) Murray Convention (When you think about it, this might be the most intimidating name on the list.While some have reinforced their names with their play on the field, others have simply flopped and are remembered for nothing but their unique name.Here are the 20 most intimidating names in NFL history.Here are a few tips from around the web on the best ways to pick your fantasy team name, with a few options for even the laziest drafters.Tip 1: Take Bleacher Report‘s advice when they say “The perfect fantasy football team name strikes a balance between wit and reach.” They suggest taking a well-established phrase or aphorism and injecting it with a “new” but fairly prominent player.