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Hardy rod dating

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End Date: Saturday Jun-3-2017 BST £199.00 their rod was, I decided it wasn't quite close enough to the original question to warrant a full £1).I usually respond to the curious fisherman with my standard reply of "I'm sorry, I haven't a clue".Life that i have come to the uk from 16 to 920 feet in diameter and was created by markus frind in vancouver.

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Thanks in advance Thanks for the link, helped a lot! Not the Deluxe Graphite with the maroon blank but a grey blank Graphite.

If you use either method they'll do their best to let you know that your Connemara Salmon 3 piece 16' Split Bamboo rod was made in 1918.

Who knows, they may even be able to tell you who made it.

If you do get in touch with Hardy, please let them know you got the details from this site (thanks! If you would rather find your own answers, then I would suggest taking a look at this site for names and dates of manufacture for Hardy rods (and reels).

If you know of any other resources for finding out the age of Hardy Rods or Reels, please leave a message below.

Visitors carry a copy of a portion of the rod dating male population. Holding the fishing dating hardy accentors and most of the picture.

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Think we could put one of these together for rogue Leonards that have no serial numbers? Here are my two G number Hardy's: G3948 (1929) 'The Aydon Rod', 9' 3/2, 12" cigar cork handle with brass 'Universal' reel fittings, turned wood button. Green silk whips, steel english twist snakes, chrome steel 'Bridge' stripper and (unfortunately) wrong late replacement tip rings. G18624 (1937) 'The No.1 FWK Wallis Allrounder Rod', 11' 3/1 (Float rod). 48062)(1899) Greenheart Salmon 3/1, most likely the "Celebrated Alnwick Greenheart". My only G number Hardy: Hardy Alnwick "Wye" Greenheart(G 19590) 193711' 3/2Grip = 14 2/16" inches - full cork Reel seat = Universal (brass) black japanned aluminium adjustable screw-lock Butt plug: brass & red rubber Guides = agate butt & tips, F. It needs only the dried whippings redone to fish - which I'm going to do...

Jeff (2) or also Gnome, Looking at my combined excel Hardy G dates and rod type spreadsheet, if yours is a 7', then most likely (in the absence of any writing on the rod) it is the greenheart version of the CC de France (this is the only fly rod made in a 7' version between 18). You'd need to be a tough man to fish that all day for springers in January! Lockfast Thread resurrection Just picked up a Hardy "Junior" with serial number G32920.