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1905, showing cemetery and "servants' house." GSA34: Letter from Thomas Brown, a slave at St. Louis University, 1833 GSA35: Georgetown College Financial Statement, 1841 GSA36: The Liberia option, 1834 GSA37: , April 29, 2016 GSA44: Patricia Bayonne-Johnson, "Jesuits' Slaves in the Family" GSA45: Runaway ad for Isaac, 1814 GSA46: Marriage register for Southern Maryland, the Eastern Shore, and Delaware, 1760-1802 (transcription). While their styles are as different as they come, the one thing that all of these artists have in common is that they each have their own signature model Ibanez guitar.If your interests are on the jazz side of things, the Ibanez Artcore series is worth a close look.The following applies to the following Price Agreement: Note to State Agencies: State and Local entities must request permission from Do IT Network Services Bureau Chief for use of this Price Agreement.The following applies to Price Agreement 30-00079: Note to State Agencies: The use of this Price Agreement requires prior written approval from the Do IT SHARE Manager for any changes to the SHARE system.

Xavier, from John Mc Elroy Journal, December 3, 1813 GSA19: Total number of persons, 1814, from John Mc Elroy Journal, January 1, 1814 GSA20: Isaac runs away, but is captured and sold, from John Mc Elroy Journal, January 29-30, 1814 GSA21: A "negro woman" left at the College, from John Mc Elroy Journal, July 5, 1814 GSA22: The number of persons at the College, from John Mc Elroy Journal, Dec.

GSA4: What We Know Booklet, 2015 GSA5: List of slaves sold by Thomas Mulledy in 1838 GSA6: Bill of sale from the heirs of Jesse Batey to Washington Barrow, January 18, 1853 GSA7: A slave's marriage at Georgetown, 1795 GSA8: Bill of sale for 56 slaves from Thomas Mulledy to Henry Johnson, 1838 GSA9: Bill of sale for 64 slaves from Thomas Mulledy to Jesse Batey, 1838 GSA10: Bill of sale for 84 slaves from Thomas Mulledy to Henry Johnson, 1838 GSA11: Bill of sale for land and slaves from Washington Barrow to William Patrick and Joseph B.

Woolfolk, February 4, 1856 GSA12: Bill of sale for land and slaves from William Patrick and Joseph Woolfolk to Emily Sparks, widow of Austin Woolfolk, July 16, 1859 GSA13: Report of Income &c. Thomas Manor, 1833, By Mc Sherry GSA14: Report of Income &c Newtown 1833 7 By Mc Sherry GSA15: Report on St.

A spokesperson for the federal agency that handled the transaction, the General Services Administration, or GSA, called it “one of the most highly scrutinized deals” the agency has ever done, but it has kept many details hidden, heavily redacting the property’s lease and refusing to release Trump’s initial proposal.

Officials declined Buzz Feed News’ requests for interviews about how the deal was struck and did not respond to questions in time for publication.

Rockers Steve Vai and Joe Satriani use Ibanez electric guitars, for example, and they can be heard in alternative metal with Mick Thompson of Slipknot as well as power metal from Dragonforce's Herman Li and Sam Totman.

On the other end of the musical spectrum, there are the smooth jazz performances of George Benson and Pat Metheny.

On a stretch of Pennsylvania Avenue separating the White House from the Capitol looms an architectural treasure and a prized jewel of the federal government’s real estate portfolio.

The palatial, neo-Romanesque Old Post Office was built in 1899.

Ibanez has always been a company that breaks new ground.

For starters, they led the way for Japanese guitar makers to become a force to be reckoned with in music stores and stages all over the world.