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What were some of the lasting "first impressions" made by the Japanese and the Russians on each other? Did a flourishing trade with Russia materialize after the opening of Japan or were Russian pleas for trade merely a cloak for more sinister designs?

By whom was Russian policy toward Japan determined and how con- sistent was this policy over the years?

Mayapura is authorized to preach and raise funds in Calcutta. This report shall include the following: a) what devotional services they intend to do; b) where they intend to perform their services; c) when they intend to be in different places, if not always in the same zone; d) anything else they would like the GBC to know.” To now read: “THAT all sannyasis shall annually submit in writing to the GBC Body a “service program” report they are committing themselves to for the following year.

THAT the GBC Body accepts the resignation from the GBC Body of Harikesa Das. The GBC Body prays for his quick recovery and looks forward to having his association again as soon as possible.


Questions such as these sug- gested the need for a detailed narrative of early Russo-Japanese relations prior to a survey of dealings in the modern period.

Russo-Japanese relations fall quite naturally into two major histori- cal parts, with 1875, the year in which Russia obtained the cession of southern Sakhalin in exchange for Russian claims to the northern vii PREFACE AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Kuril Islands, as the breaking point.

Here, however, I want to venture into realms of inquiry that I seldom hear addressed at all.

In particular, I want to consider the question of what we can infer if we came to believe that Jesus was raised from the dead? To set the scene more clearly, suppose I arrive at this belief as a result of some minimal facts-type argument for the historicity of the Resurrection, which leaves me with belief in perhaps the empty tomb, the resurrection, and early proclamation that Jesus was raised by God as vindication of his divinity, but little else beyond this core bedrock.

In this piece I consider what we can infer about the bible, in particular the New Testament, beginning from a belief in the divinity of Jesus.

I argue that there is no straightforward, direct relationship between Jesus’ divinity and the accuracy or reliability of the gospels or of Paul’s teachings, and thus Christians should be more cautious in making hasty leaps from one to the other, and should be more ready to acknowledge the role that faith plays in their convictions regarding scripture.

No S/74662 under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961 P. THAT the following devotees are confirmed as acting GBC members: His Holiness B. Govinda Maharaja His Holiness Bhakti Caitanya Maharaja 9.

THAT, as our 1998 Chairman could not fulfill his term, it is resolved that Ravindra Swarupa Dasa serve as Acting Chairman for the 1999 annual meeting. THAT His Holiness Bir Krishna Maharaja is elected as GBC Chairman. THAT His Grace Madhusevita Das is elected as First GBC Vice-Chairman. THAT His Holiness Gopal Krishna Maharaja is elected as Second Vice-Chairman. THAT Her Grace Manjari Devi Dasi is elected as GBC Secretary. THAT His Grace Vaidyanatha Das is confirmed as Full GBC Member. THAT the following devotees are confirmed as Assistant GBC members: His Grace Anuttama Das Her Grace Malati Devi Dasi Her Grace Manjari Devi Dasi 8.