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German real estate funds are liquidating

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This is just the beginning of the liquidity squeeze moving from the periphery to the core.

From Bloomberg: "Two German real estate mutual funds with properties worth 10.5 billion euros ( billion) closed for redemptions yesterday after government proposals to impose an industrywide writedown of assets spooked investors.

RAIFs are unregulated investment vehicles that are available to inter alia real estate investments.

They were introduced in Luxembourg by the Law of 23 July 2016 on Reserved Alternative Investment Funds.

Nordcapital is thus able to guarantee professional asset management over the entire lifetime of the funds.

Since it was established in 1992 Nordcapital has been responsible for a total investment volume of some €6.8 billion.

The writedown plan triggered “massive uncertainty among investors” and significant outflows, Frankfurt-based SEB said in a statement, without giving the scale of the redemptions.

German real-estate funds facing redemption demands from investors are planning to liquidate about €20 billion ( billion) in assets, a move that could put pressure on property values in markets throughout Europe.

In recent weeks, Credit Suisse and Kan Am Group announced they would liquidate funds with €5.6 billion and €3.6 billion in assets, respectively, including office buildings, shopping centers and other properties in France and Germany.

Furthermore, liquidating real estate investments is relatively time consuming and costly. Real estate investment funds offer a suitable vehicle for investors who wish to profit from the comparatively lower risk of real estate investment but require higher flexibility of their investment.

Where German real estate investments are concerned investors may first look into domestic law for corporate structuring.

Nordcapital structures and manages investments focused on shipping, real estate, alternative assets (forestry and solar energy) and fund-of-funds (private equity, energy, secondaries).

Its experienced investment teams have in-depth market expertise, enabling them to take a view on future developments, and access to relevant market participants.

As other alternative investment funds established under the laws of Luxembourg RAIFs may be set up without prior approval from Luxembourg’s financial regulator – the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier.

Their establishment merely has to be registered with the Luxembourg trade and companies register (Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés).

Fund structures available under German law, however, are somewhat rigid.

Luxembourg vehicles such as the reserved alternative investment fund (RAIF) may offer an attractive alternative.