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At her press conference, Fed Chairman Janet Yellen said that the FOMC was “reasonably confident” that inflation would rise, despite flat prices now. Furthermore, the fact that our respective central banks are on divergent paths essentially insures that the U. dollar will remain strong; especially as long as Treasury yields remain well above equivalent European yields.

I was in Milan, Italy this past week, preselling my management company’s risk-adjusted portfolios, since foreign capital continues to pour into the U. As I had suspected, the view from Northern Italy was that the euro and the U. Overall, Europe’s fascination with the Fed, a strong U. dollar, and falling crude oil prices dominated my conversations.

More than 2,000 bodies already being held in a Prague mortuary are awaiting reburial immediately while thousands more are expected to arrive in coming months from all over the republic.

In 2016, as ever, the Wildcats are in a race to the bottom. And if there was any hope for reversing the road-to-nowhere narrative under Mark Stoops, by most accounts this year — Stoops’ fourth in Lexington, the money year after a pair of 5-7 finishes in 2014-15 — should have been the Louis Navellier *All content in the Marketmail Introduction is the opinion of Louis Navellier of Navellier & Associates, Inc.* Naturally, the big news last week was not just the Fed’s widely anticipated 0.25% interest rate hike, but the statement made after the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting last Wednesday.In summary, the FOMC statement said the Fed “expects economic conditions will evolve in a manner that will warrant only gradual increases in the fed funds rate.” The big surprise was that the FOMC statement anticipated “gradual adjustments” in key interest rates as inflation materializes.What is fascinating to me is that the Fed refuses to acknowledge that there is deflation brewing.They are sticking to their mantra that inflation will soon materialize.All you are doing here is gently touching/caressing her tongue with yours.Do not fill her mouth with your tongue – very very tacky.If the cemetery in Prague cannot guarantee that such individuals will not be buried there, then it should not be used at all."Bedrich Martinic, head of the Czech companyresponsible for excavating unmarked German war graves, said: "Given the chaos that prevailed at the end of the war, we can't guarantee that SS and other soldiers who committed wartime atrocities are not among the unidentified."Mr Martinic believes that opposition to the construction of German war cemeteries in his country is to some degree providing an outlet for long-suppressed feelings of frustration dating back to the German wartime occupation.According to Fritz Kirchmeir of the German War Graves Commission, which finances the establishment of military war graves abroad, opposition in the Czech Republic has been substantially greater than elsewhere in the former Eastern bloc.There are less than 10 German war cemeteries in the Czech Republic and opposition to the latest one being constructed in Prague shows no sign of abating.Work at excavation sites is beinghampered by acts of vandalism as well as by trophy hunters who plunder exposed graves in search of Second World War memorabilia.