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He also hosted IIFA Awards 2015 along with Ranveer Singh.

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I'm looking for a quiet place to go to grab a late dinner/ desert.

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Joanna Shebson posted this excellent piece on Fun in Jerusalem and I wanted to share it with you.

Thus far, these productions seem intended only for an audience of political insiders to watch on You Tube or discuss on Twitter. Authentic as their sentiments may be, these attacks will bounce off for much the same reasons that a previous round mocking Trump as an unfit commander in chief—fired off by the Jeb Bush campaign—failed to have an impact.

Donald Trump dominating and commanding all the other Republican presidential candidates (except Carly Fiorina) in one-on-one personal confrontations on the debating platform.

) is a figure associated with cargo cults on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu.

He is often depicted as an American World War II serviceman who will bring wealth and prosperity to the people if they follow him.

He is sometimes portrayed as black, sometimes as white. 'E live 'long South America." In some versions of the story, a native man named Manehivi, using the alias "John Frum", began appearing among the native people of Tanna dressed in a Western-style coat and assuring the people he would bring them houses, clothes, food and transport.

Quoting David Attenborough's report of an encounter: "'E look like you. Said to be a manifestation of Keraperamun, this John Frum promised the dawn of a new age in which all white people, including missionaries, would depart the New Hebrides, leaving behind their goods and property for the native Melanesians.

There has been much talk about Yitta Halberstam’s Jewish Press article about the crisis of shidduch dating.

That such a crisis exists is nothing new, as psychologist Michael J. What is new about Halberstam’s article is the suggestion that women would get more dates if they made themselves more attractive through make-up or even surgery.

For this to happen, however, the people of Tanna had to reject all aspects of European society including money, Western education, Christianity, and work on copra plantations, plus they had to return to traditional kastom (the Bislama language word for customs).

In 1941, followers of John Frum rid themselves of their money in a frenzy of spending, left the missionary churches, schools, villages and plantations, and moved inland to participate in traditional feasts, dances and rituals.