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No one likes talking about, let alone actually dealing with, the messier sides of anal sex and anal penetration – which is where douches come in.

The standard douche consists of a flexible bulb in the base and a long, thin tube with holes in the end.

“Not very long, since yesterday morning,” Olga said, “but my mother always does. Then a week gloves, took an enema, dipped it in a pan with a solution and took vazilin. We, girls, had one common bottle of castor oil at all, which enjoyed that which at the moment it was needed.

” “Yeah right, then,” laughed the girl lethargic voice, “what will be, will be avoided. Nadia then picked up the enema, and they both went into the room to his wife. She took off her sweater, skirt, and also, it all hung on the back of the chair, when the room went brother and sister, she pull his tights. I read in a medical book, that there is a circle, mom went to the drugstore, bought, tried first at me and then at himself, and grandmother. However, mother and grandmother lately for some reason do not want to do to make yourself an enema, ask me to their “support”. Girls I had left a bottle of castor oil, they say, we’re leaving, but you have, so enjoy it, I drank it all, but poop until the evening anyway and could, although the stomach from castor oil boiled, swells, but nothing came out, although I and ran to the toilet every half hour.

The user fills the douche with warm water and then inserts it inside their ass.

They then squeeze the douche bulb to flood the anal cavity with warm water and flush it clean.

Fantasy and fetish mixed with enemas, mix in sex and I’d never leave. The pictures I included are of the facilities on the premises. So, if your a enema punishment lover, or you love the idea of ‘charged’ enemas you really enjoy these photos. Stories about how she was into erotic fetishes, and sexual encounters. but, from school age, everything fell into place, and now I do not need an enema, “Andrew said. As a child I visited constipation, my mom, too, once I did an enema … ” He took his finger smeared same cream enema tip, put it in his left hand and the right took a water-filled pad. Douches were originally used in hospitals to make bowel surgery easier, but anal lovers quickly adopted them to make backdoor games more sanitary.We suggest using your douche in the shower to make clean up easier.And I had a look at that thread you liked me to and I had a look at that second image and noticed that anus curves before the rectum so how on earth does a pen is get in there because an erect penis wouldn't be able to make that kind of curve would it?Toby Dacre The Dacre's poems photos India web design Toby's world interesting poems info information chaos anarchy sex food thoughts ideas England everything everywhere infinite finite small huge gigantic all these words but what reason?That move of stool from the right side to the left side, particularly after a big meal, is what makes you feel like you need to poop.So in theory then you should always be 'empty' for anal sex?This forum is not to be used as a place to obtain a diagnosis on an issue or as a replacement for professional consultations with approved medical practitioners.How can you know that you are 'empty' and have enough room free for anal sex??