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I can replace the Data Provider with a new Data Provider, but then the list loses its selection.I suppose I could go through the Data Provider and compare and modify every entry to make it match the array, but this seems way too cumbersome.If you would like to follow along with this tutorial you will need to have both Cold Fusion 9 and Flash Builder 4 installed.Cold Fusion 9, including a free developer edition, is available from Adobe at However I would like to programmatically change some of the values in the data that underly the grid and have those changes get back to the update function in the PHP script when commit(). But I can't figure out how to change the underlying data.

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Is there no way to just tell the Data Provider to reconfigure itself to match the changed array?

Since objects are passed by reference, the Data Provider and the class that creates the Array can each use the array as needed, without knowing about each other. I've spent the last 4 hours trying to figure out what the connection between a dataprovider and the original array is. Data Provider; var arr = new Array(); (); (); (); Column("Name"); Column("Height"); Provider = new Data Provider(arr); Event Listener(List Event.

I've found that using the Get Item At method on the datagrid also updates the array that the datagrid's dataprovider is made from automatically updates when I use the Get Item At method. ITEM_CLICK,updatename); function updatename(e):void What annoys me is that I use the remove Item At method, it removes the row from the datagrid, but doesn't update the array. Data Provider; var arr = new Array(); (); (); (); Column("Name"); Column("Height"); Provider = new Data Provider(arr); Event Listener(List Event.

The latest Flash Builder 4 Beta is available on Adobe Labs,

For this tutorial Cold Fusion was installed in the server configuration, with RDS enabled, using the built-in web server.

From the Flex team blog: A lot is included in this update, so much so that we couldn’t deliver it in the Adobe Application Manager.

This means Flash Builder 4.5 users won’t automatically be notified about the update and will have to download the full Flash Builder 4.6 installer and enter their Flash Builder 4.5 serial number.

Now that the basic Flex project is set up, the next step is to create the Cold Fusion service component we will use to power our application.

While there are many new options in Flash Builder 4 for importing existing services and creating new services, for this tutorial we will explore generating the service from a template.

From our current poll on your opinion about Flash Remoting with CFForm, it is clear that most of our readers are excited about it.

There are others, however, that either find it too complex or do not know what Remoting is.