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In spite of the naysayers, Karrine unabashedly continues to use her pain to educate, uplift and inspire women all of over the world.

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Desperate and panicked, Jon convinces Leslie to cross-dress and pose as his wife.

Meanwhile, Jon’s fiancee, Kate, attempts to help the pair pull off the ruse, but she and Leslie’s secret affair only fans the chaos.

Turmoil erupts when Jon learns that he and Leslie have been selected for an audit and an IRS inspector will be visiting them at home in a few hours.To make matters even worse, Jon’s mother arrives unexpectedly to meet her son’s fiancee, just before Leslie’s heartbroken ex-girlfriend also drops in demanding answers.Joshua Bates directs the Footlight Player’s production, with Kyle Magley starring as Leslie, Michelle Jones as Kate and Jesse Oneil as Jon.“Love, Sex and the IRS” will run at the Footlight Players Theatre, 20 Queen St., on March 10, 11, 16, 17 and March 18 at 8 p.m., with a matinee at 3 p.m. Tickets are for adults, for military/seniors and for students. Footlight or by calling the box office at 843-722-4487.Some of the jokes are worth repeating and talking about after watching this film - if you haven't seen it yet then go and get it and watch out for the french teacher, peaches and the little singer man.If you have seen this film and still can't appreciate the brilliantness then maybe you'd have to wonder whether your humour is too spoiled by the overdrawn high budget hollywood stuff. That said, when we invite people for dinner, we enjoy receiving a thank-you note that acknowledges the pleasure of being together.So I understand Rachel’s disappointment, and her feeling of being dismissed afterwards.The counseling center I volunteered at started to fill up with clients who had been unemployed for a year and were deeply depressed, considering suicide. I was sending out ten resumes a day to Craigslist jobs, with no responses.I assumed that the moment they clicked "Post," HR directors were immediately inundated with resumes and panicked, choosing new employees at random.’ Feminism has brought women more equality, more dignity, and more power. Many women hope that if they offer themselves sexually, love will flourish.I wonder sometimes to what extent the scarcity of sex in the past forced men to be more patient; to romance, to put more emphasis on foreplay.