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They add information to the assembly without disrupting the chromosome coordinates.Patches are given chromosome context via alignment to the current assembly. The workers are threads in multi-threading mode and processes in multi-processing mode.Scaffolding is the automated creation of a skeleton structure to simplify bootstrapping (of new modules, in the case of Odoo).

There's a lot of publicly available generators and its easy to create a new one to match any workflow.

Together, the scaffold sequence and alignment define the patch.

Patch sequences and alignments can be downloaded from the Gen Bank FTP site.

Briefly, adding: chromosome(s) The time varies and will depend on the submission flow and the errors of each particular submission.

If a submission is successful without any types of error (files and metadata are both fully correct), accession numbers can be provided within a week.

GRC assemblies are given versioned accessions in INSDC databases (e.g.

GRCh37 = GCA_000001405.1; GRCh38 = GCA_000001405.15). Each patch release results in a version update to the assembly accession (e.g.

Only genome assemblies that require Study & Sample registration should be submitted using the ENA Genome Assembly Submission System.

For instructions please see the non-study submissions page The ENA Genome Assembly Submission System will automatically create the database entries based on the information you provide during the different submission steps.

All GRC assemblies use the NCBI Genome Assembly model.

A patch release is a form of minor assembly release in which the only sequence content that updates belongs to the PATCHES assembly unit. Patch releases do not change chromosome coordinates.