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The TV Junkies: There is a different feeling amongst the characters this season and we think that it’s going to make for a pretty interesting season.

Erica Durance: Yeah, I think the audience is going to really like it.

was a show that centered on the angsty love triangle between Joel (Daniel Gillies), Alex (Erica Durance) and Charlie (Michael Shanks).

With Joel’s tragic death at the end of last season the show has been forced to change that focus and expose viewers to a whole new side of the doctors at Hope Zion Hospital.

The homegrown supernatural medical drama Saving Hope pulled in 1.5 million Canadian viewers for its winter premiere a couple of weeks ago, and it has already been renewed for a third season. And what if he could then see dead (or almost-dead) people? And after two seasons, she’s considering more behind-the-camera roles — maybe even producing a series of her own. CT, City) • After creator Amy Poehler’s Golden Globe win on Sunday, Parks and Recreation returns with the new episode, New Beginnings. After a pair of holiday specials, the cherubic kid kicks off her third go-round with The Manper.

She continued to study acting at the "Yaletown Actors Studio" for many years with her coach and husband, David Palffy.

Durance began her career with background work, graduating to commercials and guest-starring roles.

To clear up a few of our concerns and to discuss the upcoming season we had a chat with stars Erica Durance and Michael Shanks.

Read on for their thoughts and feelings about what’s to come.

And appeared on the supernatural drama series The Collector.

In Tru Calling, her character was a contender in a beauty pageant opposite Eliza Dushku's character.

You may or may not know, but Chloe Sullivan did not originally appear in the DC Comic universe.

It was due to the popularity of the character on the TV show, thanks to Mack’s performance, that she was introduced in 2010 to the comic series.

Charlie stepped up and admitted to Alex that he didn’t need to know who Luke’s father was because no matter what, he would be there.

While his words may have tugged at our heart strings it’s hard not to wonder if he was telling the truth. And what about Alex, is she really OK with never finding out who Luke’s father is?