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Prof Srinivasan Raghavan from the Centre for Nano Science and Engineering (CNSE) of Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and his colleague Prof Praveen Ramamurthy from the department of material engineering were on an airplane.

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This includes not only clinical trials and studies of drug usage and metabolism, drug surveillance, and pharmacoepidemiology, but also work utilizing the entire range of clinically relevant methodologies, including neuroimaging, pharmacogenetics, cognitive science, biomarkers, and others.

Work directed toward the translation of preclinical to clinical knowledge is especially encouraged.

Bloodgood, Brenda L., University of California, San Diego, "Learning Through Inhibition." Three Year Research Grant totaling 5,000.

Choi, Gloria B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "The Role of the Prefrontal Cortex in Modulating Odor-Driven Learned Behaviors." Three Year Research Grant totaling 5,000.

Our proprietary platform vector technology enables the recombinant expression of historically difficult peptides/ proteins as soluble peptides/ proteins in E. We offer a large selection of Beta Amyloids, Taus, Synucleins, Calmodulins, Custom Products and more.

The scope of the journal encompasses the following fields: Human Psychopharmacology: Experimental This section includes manuscripts describing the effects of drugs on mood, behavior, cognition and physiology in humans.

The journal encourages submissions that involve brain imaging, genetics, neuroendocrinology, and developmental topics.

Davison, Ian G., Boston University, "Circuit Mechanisms for Learned Pattern Recognition in Piriform Cortex." Three Year Research Grant totaling 5,000.

Diaz, Elva D., University of California, Davis, "Activity-Dependent Palmitoylation Regulates Syn DIG1 Function." Three Year Research Grant totaling 5,000.

Read more The Kirchhausen Lab is seeking an energetic and highly motivated individual for an opening as a Laboratory Research Assistant to start immediately. Sc./Master's level in biological sciences, biochemistry, chemistry, or related discipline.

The Kirchhausen Lab’s research program integrates results from molecular biology, structural biology, classical and contemporary cell biology, single-molecule biophysics, live-cell imaging, and ‘chemical genetics ... or Master's degree in Bioengineering, Biophysics, Chemistry or Cell Biology or be an Electrical Engineer, with imaging experience in wide field, TIRF and/or confocal microscopy and expertise in live and/or single molecule visualization.

Development and application of theoretical and computational materials science; Quantum-mechanical, classical simulations and modeling of the electronic, structural, energetic and dynamical properties of functional materials; Emergent collective properties of condensed matter systems, in particular, at nanometer scales.

Psychopharmacology is an international journal that covers the broad topic of elucidating mechanisms by which drugs affect behavior.

Christian, Catherine A., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, "Astrocytic Modulation of Synaptic Inhibition." Three Year Research Grant totaling 5,000.

Chubykin, Alexander A., Purdue University, "Synaptic and Circuit Mechanisms of Reward Timing in the Mouse Visual Cortex." Three Year Research Grant totaling 5,000.