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The friends from the previous "Ice Age" installments (voiced by Ray Romano, John Leguizamo and Denis Leary) find themselves in great danger when their world crumbles as the Earth shifts to form new land masses.

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This site is a voluntary communication tool that enables crop producers, beekeepers, and pesticide applicators to work together to protect specialty crops and apiaries through use of mapping programs.Genetic drift Genetic drift — along with natural selection, mutation, and migration — is one of the basic mechanisms of evolution.In each generation, some individuals may, just by chance, leave behind a few more descendents (and genes, of course! The genes of the next generation will be the genes of the "lucky" individuals, not necessarily the healthier or "better" individuals. It happens to ALL populations — there's no avoiding the vagaries of chance. Genetic drift affects the genetic makeup of the population but, unlike natural selection, through an entirely random process.Have you ever been in a relationship where you love your partner, but surprisingly, don’t see a future with them? Several lovers experience the same feeling, where they love their partner but can’t imagine getting married to them or living through the rest of their life with them.Experiencing this kind of a relationship can be really stressful, because you may want to break up, but have no idea why you want to do that in the first place!Genetic drift may cause gene variants to disappear completely and thereby reduce genetic variation.When there are few copies of an allele, the effect of genetic drift is larger, and when there are many copies the effect is smaller.A male saber-toothed tiger and a male sloth are thrown together (one lies on top of the other) and we they kiss (they separate when they realize what they are doing).Three animals see sirens that make themselves into opposite genders to attract them and talk to them seductively (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details).In 1968, population geneticist Motoo Kimura rekindled the debate with his neutral theory of molecular evolution, which claims that most instances where a genetic change spreads across a population (although not necessarily changes in phenotypes) are caused by genetic drift acting on neutral mutations.Consider this jar of marbles as the starting population.